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Tips On Keeping Dirt & Debris Off Your Carpet this Summer in Los Angeles, CA

The summer is finally here and it is time to enjoy the warm weather, long days and kids home from school all day! Those quiet mornings after school drop offs are no more and running in and out of the house is here. It always starts off really great and fun until you start to notice the messes that are left all over the house. It also seems that they are tracking in more and more mess from outside into your home and on the carpets. You have to come up with ideas on how to deal with the messes during the long summer and especially the ones that cause damage to your carpets. There are several ways that you can stop some of the dirt from damaging your carpet and staining it.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Lists Several Ways To Stop Dirt From Damaging Your Carpets This Summer

Keep Shoes Off of Carpet: One of the biggest ways that dirt and debris ends up in your house this summer is on the bottom of shoes. This is for several reasons. One is that the shoes are what you are walking on outdoors and that happens to be dirt, grass and other debris. The shoes can collect all these types of debris and when someone walks through your door the dirt can easily be wiped on the carpet. The best way to combat it is to have a place for shoes to go. One great way to do that is to have a sign by the entry door that tells people to remove their shoes. Then of course you need to have a place for them to go which can be as simple as a plastic bin or shoe rack. This will encourage people to remove their shoes before they walk on your carpet.
Vacuum Carpet Regularly: One common mistake that people make during the summer and caring for their carpet is not vacuuming enough. You cannot continue to vacuum like you did before because you now will have more foot traffic in your home. It is best to remove as much of the debris and dirt that makes its way in your home before it gets grown into the carpet fibers. Be sure to step up your vacuuming game during the summer.
Dirt Trapping Door Mats & Runners: You also want to look at any entry points around your home and add a mat. The mat is a great place for people that are coming over to wipe their shoes off. That will help if they choose to keep their shoes on. It is also a great idea if you have four legged family members. They obviously can’t have them take off their shoes so a mat will stop some of the debris before it makes it to your carpet.

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