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How to Clean & Get Wet or Dry Nail Polish Out of Carpet in Thousand Oaks, CA

There are some stains that seem impossible to get out of your carpet. If you have girls in your house you know that there are things they use that seem to always get in the carpet. Makeup, hair product and nail polish just to name a few. These stains are a real problem and can be extremely difficult to remove if you don’t know what you are doing. Obviously the first step is to do what you can to prevent stains and spills from occurring. If you can’t do that which is likely you need to have a plan on how to deal with them.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Lists Some Ways to Remove Nail Polish From Your Carpets

Remove Spilled Nail Polish from Carpet Right Away: Just like any other kind of spill or stain you want to get to the nail polish spill as soon as possible. When you do see the spill you can use a spoon from your silverware drawer and use it to scoop away the excess. Use the spoon to carefully lift the spill away and remove what you can before you start the cleaning process. If you need to do this process more than once make sure that you wash off the spoon before you try and scoop away again.
Use The Right Carpet Cleaner: Now that you have the excess removed you will be able to start working on it without spreading it out further. This is why the dab concept is used when caring for any kind of stain. You want to use a clean dry cloth and a q-tip. Then go for the cleaner that you can trust will help to remove the nail polish. It may not be too surprising to know that you can actually use non acetone nail polish remover to get the polish off. Be careful when using any product so as not to ruin the carpet or rug. Use a small dab in a spot that is not noticeable. Then dab and wipe away the stain gently. You may need to use several applications to get the stain all the way out. You can also try an aerosol hairspray or rubbing alcohol to remove the spot if you don’t have access to nail polish remover.
Scratch Dry Polish off Carpet: If you were not able to get to the spill soon enough you may need to treat it dry. This is more difficult but there are some remedies. Start with a spoon again and use the back to scrape away what excess you can. Then use the vacuum to carefully lift the bits that have been pulled away from the carpet. You may also need to repeat this over and over. Be sure that you vacuum well and all the extra scraped off bits are off the carpet. You can then repeat the process above with the polish remover and the q-tip.

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