When you think about your carpets you probably know that to keep them looking their best you need to vacuum them and clean up any spills. You also want to hire a professional to come out on a regular basis and clean the carpets professionally so that they are kept looking their best. Most carpet cleaners don’t just clean carpets but have specialty services that we offer as well such as rug cleaning, mattress cleaning and upholstery cleaning to name a few. One of the services that tend to get over looked often is the rug cleaning service. The rugs in your house are probably maintained by you vacuuming them or at least taking them outside and shaking them out. This is not sufficient to have them cleaned appropriately so it is pertinent to hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean the rugs as well.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning explain the importance of having your rugs cleaned when you have your carpets cleaned.

Rugs Are Dirty: If you think about it, your rugs are getting just as much if not more traffic than the actual carpet. The rug is laid over a specific area of flooring whether it is carpet, tile or wood and that is the surface that people are going to be walking over and possibly spilling their drinks or food on. This means that the rug is susceptible to more staining and collecting more dirt. If you want to have all that dirt and debris removed from the rugs it is a great idea to ask a professional carpet cleaner.
Dirty Rugs Will Bring Dirt On Your Clean Carpet: If you are about to have your carpets cleaned by a professional you are going to remove any furniture that you can, and also roll up the rugs and place them in another room. The problem is that all the dirt that is on the rugs just left with it! The dirt is rolled up and stays in the fibers of the rugs so when you go to place them back in the room, that dirt will easily be tracked over the freshly cleaned carpets. This defeats the purchase and purpose of carpet cleaning. You want to be sure that the rugs are also cleaned so that the cleaning will last long enough to get you to your next appointment.
Protect The Life Of The Rugs: The rugs are susceptible to damage just as your carpets are. The rug fibers can be damaged by the amount of dirt and debris that is left on them. Dirt can collapse the fibers and that will leave the rug not looking its best. When you have them cleaned professionally it can help to remove the dirt that can cause some damage.

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