We all enjoy having a nice clean home. But how often do you think about cleaning your mattress? This is one task that we often overlook. Do you realize we spend on average 1/3 of our lives in bed? Just think about all the pollen spores, body oils, sweat, dead skin, dust mites, dirt, bacterial microbes and other unmentionable stains that settle into your mattress. If you think about it, your mattress is just a large piece of upholstered furniture. Our expert technicians at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning specialize at cleaning sofa and upholstery. And we can clean your mattress just as well!

Dust Mites in Mattresses Trigger Asthma & Allergies

Dust mites can trigger asthma and allergies. Some of the symptoms of these respiratory ailments are a runny nose, itchy red eyes, scratchy throat, sneezing and breathing problems. Dust mites feed on our dead skin cells which are always shedding. Our skin cells filter through our sheets and settle on our mattresses where they stay attracting dust mites until you arrange for professional mattress cleaning. Even daily vacuuming, weekly washing of your sheets and turning your mattress once in a while cannot remove these pests and contaminants.

Deep Mattress Cleaning Process

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning will do a thorough vacuuming to extract pollutants, allergens and other debris. We offer spot and stain removal treatment, pre-conditioning, steam cleaning and disinfecting of your mattress for you. We will have you sleeping healthier and waking up refreshed from a good night sleep.
Who doesn’t enjoy a good night sleep on a clean bed? Call Steam Green Carpet Cleaning; we will have you resting easy in no time at all! All it takes is a good mattress cleaning every 6 to 12 months as a separate or add-on service.