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Leather Sofa Seat Upholstery Care Guide in Beverly Hills, CA; Couch Cleaning & Conditioning Tips

Caring for any type of materials for your upholstered furnishings is important to keep the beauty, aesthetic appearance, and to preserve the longevity. Leather is not only classic and elegant, but it has been known to last for years with the proper care and maintenance. Leather sofas and chairs are relatively easy to care for; however, they do require some diligence to keep them looking prestigious.

Best Way to Clean, Condition & Care for Leather Sofa Upholstery

– Similar to wood, leather does not react well to heat sources, which causes it to dry out. Avoid placing your leather in direct sunlight and next to fireplaces or radiators. When the leather dries out, the color will fade, and material will stiffen and crack, forcing your leather upholstery into early retirement.
Regular cleaning. The more often you do the basic cleaning, the better. We recommend daily cleaning routines, but not everyone has the time, so as often as you can, clean your leather upholstery. Use the vacuum attachments to vacuum the creases and crevices, the button tufting, cushions, under cushions and sides, back, and top of the upholstery to remove the dust and other debris. If you do not have a compatible vacuum, use clean cotton or our favorite, a microfiber cloth to wipe away the dust.
Immediately clean spills. Just because you implement the “no eating or drinking” rule on your leather, doesn’t mean it is always complied with, if you don’t have the rule, accidents will happen, including other nonfood or beverage spills. They need to be tended to right away. Avoid using moistened clothes or towels, instead use a dry cloth and clean up the mess. If a fine residue remains, at the time use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe away the remaining crust, followed by a dry cloth to absorb the moisture.
– Avoid harsh soaps and abrasive tools. If stains are ruining the appearance of your leather, do not reach for harsh soaps, detergents, cleaning solvents, or ammonia based cleaners to remove them. Especially do not use anything to clean with besides a microfiber or cotton cloth. Keep away from soaking stains in water as well.
– Tend to scratches. Leather can be easily scratched. Keep sharp objects away from your leather furniture. Buff any minor scratches with a chamois.
– Condition. Leather requires periodic conditioning every 6-12 months, extremely hot and dry climates should consider quarterly treatments. Leather conditioner can be found in most department or auto stores.
Like all upholstery, leather needs care and maintenance. If you have any reluctance into maintaining major maintenance applications on any of your upholstery, Steam Green Carpet Cleaning professionals re experienced and have the expertise to clean your upholstered furnishings.

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