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Pet Urine Stain Removal Mistakes to Avoid in El Rio, CA; Ammonia Can Damage Carpet & More

When it comes to keeping your carpets clean it is a never ending battle for those with pets. Your beloved pet(s) bring in dirt and leave behind fur and dander everywhere. Then there are those occasional accidents. When cleaning urine or even poop stains, many homeowners can make some of the worst mistake that affects your carpets. Cleaning after pets is more complicated than most people realize and it requires proper techniques. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning will share what not to do when cleaning up after your pets.

Cleaning Stains with Ammonia Can Damage Carpet

One of the most effective ways to remove stains is ammonia. When your pet goes number two on the carpet, it may leave behind a stain for you to clean up. When it comes to cleaning pets stain, or any stain in your home, never use ammonia. Pet owners should never use ammonia in their home. The ammonia encourages your pet to reuse the same spot, the scent in ammonia lets dogs and other pets believe that it is the designated potty spot. If you don’t want reoccurring accidents in your home, avoid using ammonia to clean carpets.

Never Scrub Carpet Stains

In general, you should never rub or scrub carpets when cleaning them, especially with pet stains. If your pet pees in your home, you will want to quickly put a white cloth on top of the pee to soak it up. You may need to put a little bit of pressure to absorb the urine out of the carpet. However, if you rub or scrub at a pet stain, you will spread and push the mess deeper into the carpet making it more difficult to get it out. If your pets urine get trapped inside the carpet or the under padding you will not be able to get the urine or scent out which will encourage further accidents.

Don’t Ignore Cat & Dog Urine Stains

Leaving the mess for later or neglecting it has serious consequences as it allows the moisture to sink deeper into the carpet. This makes it harder to clean and to a certain point, becomes impossible. The urine odor can be treated and dissolved with the right cleaning method. However just because you don’t smell it, doesn’t mean your pets don’t. Both dogs and cats have a strong scent of smell, and they can still pick up the scent of old potty sites. Again this will encourage further accidents around the site. If possible, clean the pet mess immediately.

Schedule Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

There are many DIY carpet cleaning methods, and many carpet cleaning machines you can buy. However they do not come close to the professional grade cleaning equipment. Professional carpet cleaners steam clean your carpet, sucking out deeper contaminates out of the carpet and treating stains and odors. Steam cleaning carpet can help deal with pet stains and the odors killing the stubborn bacteria that live in urine.

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As a pet owner, avoid making these common mistakes that encourage pets to continue to leave messes inside your home and in your carpet. If you need your home steam cleaned to remove pet stains and odors, contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning today.

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