For many people, the holidays mean gathering with friends and family. Sharing this season with those we love is a great way to celebrate the holidays. Whether you are planning on having holiday parties or house guests for Christmas, there are steps you should take to protect your flooring. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to share some tips to help you keep your flooring pristine this holiday season.

Schedule Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

The holidays fill up fast, so before the big day is upon us and your company is set to arrive any minute, schedule to have your carpets cleaned early. You want your carpets to look their best as people gather for the holiday season. You can inquire about getting protectant for your carpets to help shield them from the heavy holiday traffic they are bound to get!

Don’t Forget to Clean the Tile and Grout

When getting your flooring ready for the onslaught of holiday guests, don’t forget the tile flooring in your kitchen and bathrooms. Having them professionally cleaned will give your guests a fresh clean place to spend their time. Nothing is more inviting than a fresh clean space.

Use Low Profile Indoor Floor Mats & Runners at Entryways

When you have a lot of people going in and out of your house, the best way to keep the dirt and debris off your carpets is to have floor mats at all the entries to remove it from the bottom of their shoes. The floor mats should be wide enough that the first four steps are taken on it to get rid of the debris from the bottom of shoes. You should also ask that guests remove shoes upon entering your home too, to keep your flooring clean. You would be surprised at what adheres to the bottom of your shoes.

Don’t Leave Spills for Later

It’s bound to happen, people are going to spill. When there are several people in one room, enjoying conversation, something will most likely spill at one point or another. It may be tempting to leave it for later rather than leave conversation to clean it up, but when you leave spills for a long period of time on your carpet, it gives the stain time to set into the fibers of your carpeting. Don’t forget that as you clean up any spills on your carpeting, that you should blot rather than rub. When you rub a stain to clean it, you are actually pushing it deeper into the fibers of your carpets. Cleaning up spills right after they happen will help you avoid stains setting in and becoming even more difficult to remove later.

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As you are getting ready for the holidays, don’t forget to have your carpets professionally cleaned. This will eliminate odors and make your house shine just in time for friends and family to enjoy each other for the Christmas season. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning offers carpet cleaning as well as tile and grout cleaning. Call us today!