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Tips for Removing Holiday Decorating & Craft Spills from Carpet in Thousand Oaks, CA; Washable Paint, Glue, Food Coloring, Frosting & More

The holiday season is truly a busy one. Whether you are a baker, a crafter, or someone who likes to keep the kids occupied there is still much to be. Some of those holiday traditions can get chaotic and out of hand, especially when the little miniature versions of you are running around, hopped up on sugar and excitement. Those crafting and baking paraphernalia could easily wind up tarnishing your carpet. With that in mind, we at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning have compiled some common crafting essentials that might have blemished your carpet and we have included some tips and advice on getting rid of stains.

General Carpet Stain Removal Tips

Just a few things to remember before tending to the stains before we get into the nitty-gritty:
– Tend to the stains as soon as possible, the sooner you get to it the easier they are to get out.
– Avoid using HOT water, as in most cases this will set the stain in.
– Do not scrub and rub, this action merely spreads stains out and pushes them deeper. Always blot and work the outside in to keep the stain contained.
– Use white paper towels or cloths to sop up stains as dye or print can get transferred onto carpet.
– Always test homemade concoctions, household products, or over the counter department store cleaners in an inconspicuous area to ensure it will not compromise the integrity of your carpet or lighten the shade.

How to Get Washable Paint out of Carpet

– Carefully use a spoon to scoop up the excessive bulk of pain, and blot all remaining liquid with a paper towel. Work from the outside in and only use light pressure, as too much can push the stain deeper.
– Dried paint should be scraped up with a dull edge as much as possible.
– In a spray bottle or container, combined 1 cup warm water and 1/2 tsp liquid dish soap.
– Spray mixture onto the blemish, and gently work out the stain with a clean cloth. Do not scrub as this could make the mess bigger, and push the stain deeper, along with compromising the texture of the fibers. Avoid over saturation as this could cause too much moisture to pool together under the carpet which can lead to mold and other water damage.
– Repeat as necessary, until stain completely lifted.
– Place a clean, old towel that is slightly damp on top of the area, and walk on it, carefully walking on the once blemished area will help lift up any lingering detergents, moisture, and residue.
– Rinse area with cool water in a spray bottle, or sponge cool water to the area, and be sure to blot thoroughly. Do not over saturate.
– If the spot should distort to a brownish color, mix two part water with one part white vinegar, and sponge the mixture onto the area, and repeat as necessary.
– Place an old white towel that is dry and add some weights on top, allow to set over night to absorb the moisture.
– Once area is completely dried, vacuum well.

How to Remove Dried, Elmers, Wood, Gorilla & Glitter Glue out of Carpet

– Spoon up any excess and place on a paper towel immediately.
– First try removing any remainder glitter glue with a dampened sponge, working the exterior into the interior. In many cases, sponging it up is all it takes.
– If the glitter glue continues to resist, dab an ounce or so of alcohol onto a sponge, and gently work the remaining stain out.
– Repeat if necessary.
– Rinse with cool water and do not over saturate.
– Blot away excess liquid,
– Allow to air dry.

How to Remove Food Coloring, Cookie Frosting & Cake Icing

– Avoid wiping away the bulk, instead use a spoon or butter knife, and scrape away as much as possible leaving too much will just spread it out.
– In a container or spray bottle, combine one part cold water with one part white vinegar.
– Apply the solution onto a clean cloth or sponge, and gently blot up the stain. Avoid over saturation.
– Blot remaining moisture with paper towels.
– Repeat until stain is lifted, but be sure to contain the liquid by blotting in between.
– Place a towel and weights on top of the moistened area and let it sit over night.
– Vacuum the area once it is completely dry.

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If any stains persist, contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning today and let us handle the rest! Our experts can remove the stains and get your carpet looking clean and smelling fresh in time for Christmas.

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