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How to Get Color Easter Egg Dye Stains Out of Your Carpets & Rugs in Santa Monica, CA

The time has come to get out your Easter baskets and get the eggs boiling. The traditions that surround Easter are pretty simple. The Easter bunny shows up on Easter and will drop a basket full of goodies off for all the kids. The basket is full of candy filled eggs, chocolate, sugar and more. It is full of spring colors and the kids can lay around and enjoy the spring weather while snacking away. The other part of an Easter tradition is the dying of the eggs. You spend some time hard boiling eggs so that the kids can take time to color them. The eggs are then taken and hidden around for the kids to find. The parents will often base a portion of the Easter meal around these hard boiled treasures. The part that can be a problem is the actual coloring of the eggs. The egg dye is supposed to get on the shell of the egg and dye it so when it gets on the carpet it will dye it as well. It is important to know the best way to clean the dye off your carpet so you don’t cause more damage.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Lists How to Prevent & Remove Easter Egg Dye Carpet Stains

How To Prevent Easter Egg Dye Stains: When you are ready to set up your Easter egg dye station you want to make sure you use some precautions. If you know you are going to use your table you want to make sure that you use a tarp to ensure that your carpet is covered. This is the same way that you would protect your carpet if you are going to paint. You can also lay some absorbent pads under the egg dying kits. This will help to absorb the dye before it even has time to land on the carpet. Using these types of preventive methods is a great way to reduce the chances that you will end up with a stain.
Use Dish Soap & Cold Water to Remove Easter Egg Dye Carpet Stains: The first thing that you need to know about cleaning after a dye spill is that you want to be sure that you use cold water only. If the water is warm it will start to set the stain into the carpet. You want to use the dish soap and cold water that you will soak a cloth in. Then use the soaked cloth to dab on the area to clean the stain from the carpet.
Ammonia Can Remove Stubborn Dye Carpet Stains: The other way that you can treat an egg dye stain is with ammonia. You can dip a cloth in some ammonia and soak it into the spot. Then use another cloth that you soak in water to pull the ammonia and the dye out of your carpet. This should remove the rest of the coloring from the carpet.

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