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How to Remove Old Stains from Carpet in Simi Valley, CA; Test Cleaners, Blot Spots & More

When it comes to removing stains from carpet, there are some basic rules that should always be followed. Many people make the same mistakes when cleaning their carpet and they result in long term consequences. For those who have never taken the time to learn how to properly clean carpet stains, Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to share the basics of stain removal to help you properly remove stains.

Tips to Get Old Stains Out of Carpet

1. Clean Stains Fast – The longer a stain remains on your carpet, the harder it is to clean. When a stain first occurs react to the situation quickly and don’t let the stain dry or sit too long. However, we don’t always know when a stain occurs, so do your best in each situation.
2. Test Carpet Cleaners – There are a number of ways to remove a stain. It usually depends on what the stain is and what type of carpet it’s on. Before using any commercial cleaner or homemade cleaner, you will want to test the effects first. In a discrete area that is out of sight is the recommended testing site. Always give it about 30 minutes to see the cleaner’s reaction to your carpet.
3. Blot Carpet Stains – When cleaning a stain you will hear never to scrub at a stain which is what most people do. When you scrub at a stain you do two things. One, you spread the stain making it bigger and two, it pushes the stain deeper into the carpet making it more difficult to remove the stain.
4. Blot from the Outside – Another common stain cleaning technique is to blot on the outside of the stain with the cleaner and work your way into the center of the stain. Again, this technique helps prevent the stain from spreading and contains the stain better while it’s being cleaned.
5. White Cloth – With clean a stain you always want to use a white cleaning cloth or paper towel. Never use paper towels or cleaning cloths with any color in them because they contain dye. Most cleaners will lift the dye out of linens or paper towel and transfer it to the carpet. Instead of cleaning a stain you’re adding to the problem.
6. Rinse Carpet – When rinsing your carpet or when water is added to a cleaning solution, always use distilled water. Tap water contains minerals that create white ring stains due to the minerals in the tap water. This is why when making your own cleaning solution or rinse, use distilled water.
7. Baking Soda Absorbs Carpet Odors – If your carpet suffers from odors, baking soda is your best ally. Baking soda has the power to absorb odors and remove them from the carpet.
8. Vacuum Carpet – Always vacuum before cleaning a stain if it’s dry, and after the stain was clean and had time to dry. When the stain is dry, vacuum the area to remove all the dirt and debris which helps prevent another stain from occurring. Always vacuum after a stain has had time to dry to restore the carpet pile.

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When it comes to cleaning any stain the same basic rules always apply. You never know when stains occur and you want to be ready with these basic cleaning techniques. For all of your carpet cleaning needs, along with many other valuable services, contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning today.

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