Can Your Carpet Be Saved After Water Damage?

If you have ever had a leak or a flood in your home you know that the amount of damage that can come from it is extensive. The damage usually effects walls, floors and personal belongings. Many times the items cannot be saved and need to be replaced with new ones. One of the areas that you may not know that can be saved is the carpeting. There are ways you can save the existing carpet and not have to purchase and install new carpet. There are many reasons that flooding can occur. It can be from a storm that has strong winds that can come in through a door or window. It can also be from a leak in the plumbing that is attached to a sink or appliance. Water damage can be small or large and many times the water can be extracted and the carpet cleaned and deodorized by a professional carpet cleaner.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning lists the best ways that you can clean your carpets after water damage.

How To Remove Excess Water: The biggest problem comes when you allow standing water to sit on the carpet for too long. As soon as you possibly can you need to get starting on removing the water from the carpet. The longer the water sits there the better the chance that mold and mildew will start to grow and fester, and the less likely it is that you can clean the damage up. The best way to start this process is to get a wet/dry vacuum that you can many times rent at a home improvement store. It can be used to suction out the water that is in the carpet and padding. The bucket will need to be emptied out often to ensure that the water is taken care of. You can also open the doors and windows is the weather permits and turn fans on to help get rid of the moisture in the room. If you want to use the surest way to remove the water damage from your carpet is to hire a professional carpet cleaner to come out. They will be able to come out and remove the excess water and clean the carpets after so you can move your furniture back in the room.
How to Clean & Deodorize Carpet: Whether you have the water damage removed on your own or you hire a professional you will want to have the carpets cleaned after. There are going to be extra debris and dirt from the water so you want to make sure that you have them cleaned so that you don’t have the dirt spread more and potentially ruin the carpet. You may also want to have your carpets deodorized at this time to remove any musty smells that may have started to develop.

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