Have you suffered water damage in your Los Angeles home? Steam Green Carpet Cleaning is the best choice for when disaster strikes! We know how devastating and hindering water damage is; especially in your home. If not attended to immediately, standing water is a breeding ground for mold which can cause dangerous health issues for your loved ones. Standing water can also cause structural damage to your property leading to costly repairs.

Water Extraction & Damage Restoration

Don’t think because you have suffered a devastating flood or water damage emergency it can’t be fixed or restored to how it was before! At Steam Green Carpet Cleaning, our experienced technicians know how to repair a home or building back to the way it was. Whether your home or office is damaged due to a broken water pipe, a leaky roof or putting out a recent fire, our technicians use the most state of the art equipment in the industry to make sure your home or office building recovers fully. We have powerful truck mounted water extraction equipment and industrial grade driers and blowers. Out trained staff has extensive experience in dealing with water damage emergencies.

What Else Can Our Los Angeles Water Extraction & Damage Experts do for You?

•Water Extraction
•Fans and Blowers
•Surface and Wall Drying
•Carpet Cleaning
•Carpet Deodorization and Odor Removal
•Sewage Water Cleanup
•Air Cleaning
•Flood Cleanup
•Water Restoration Services

Whether you have just moved to Los Angeles or are a long term resident, know that water damage can occur unexpectedly and without warning. When you call Steam Green Carpet Cleaning, we will arrive at your greater Los Angeles home or office as soon as possible. We are available 24/7 and have emergency water damage technicians on standby for your convenience.