Most homes have carpeting throughout the bedrooms, living rooms and hallways. It is a great option for a nice comforting place to live and relax. Carpeting comes in many colors and patterns, but they all need to be taken care of and cleaned. When you start to notice dark spots on areas that are considered high traffic you need to take action. These spots can be two different things, damage or dirt.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning has some advice on how to keep these spots from occurring and what you can do to clean them.
What are the Dark Spots on the Carpet? The dark spots that we are talking about are usually in front of the couch or chair that you sit on all the time. They also can be in the hallway area that sees a lot of foot traffic. The dark areas are one of two things. The first thing that it can be is dirt. When you walk across your carpets wearing your outdoor shoes you are dragging dirt and debris inside. The dirt will stick to the fibers of the carpet and eventually they will start to dull the color of the carpet. The second thing that could be happening to cause the carpet to darken is damage. When the fibers of carpet come new from the factory they are a perfect cylinder and are smooth on the outside. This is what allows the fibers to reflect light off the carpeting. You can think of it like a nice clean and new piece of pipe. When the pipe is new it is smooth and reflects light no problem. If you were to take a piece of sandpaper and roughen up the outside of the pipe, it dulls the look of it. This makes it so that the light will not reflect off as well.
How Can You Prevent Dark Carpet Spots? Both of these types of carpet darkening can be prevented with some easy changes in habit. The first way to prevent them is to remove your shoes before you enter the home. This will eliminate the extra dirt and debris that shoes will drag into the house. The next way to prevent dirt buildup in high traffic areas is to wear cotton socks. Your bare feet have oils that come off naturally and when added to the carpet fibers they can attract more dirt. The dirt acts as the abrasive product that will in turn cause damage to your carpets. The last and most important way to keep your carpets from getting dark spots is to have the carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

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