Has a room with carpet in your house just undergone a fresh paint job? Sometimes, after you finish cleaning up after a painting project, you realize that some paint dropped onto your carpet and therefore, the cleaning is not yet finished. Each type of paint has its own remedy when it comes to cleaning the paint stains out of your carpet. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning will share how to clean each type of paint out of your carpet.

How to Clean & Remove Water Based Paint Carpet Stains

If the paint is still wet, you’re in luck. It is much easier to clean paint when it is still wet. If the paint is wet, grab a paper towel and dampen it. Begin by blotting; avoid scrubbing at the paint because you will just spread the paint making the stain worse. If the paint had dried start cleaning the stain by using hot water mixed with liquid dish soap. Pour the solution onto the stain to help the paint resoften. When paint has softened use a butter knife to scrape the paint off of the carpet. You may need to add more of the hot soapy water to help remove the paint in sections. The soap should help remove the stain from the carpet once the majority of the paint has been scraped off the carpet. Use a vacuum to suck up any paint chips to prevent spreading the paint.

How to Get Dry Latex Paint Stains Out of Carpet

Again, if you get to the paint while it is wet, first blot at the wet paint with a dry paper towel to soak up as much of the paint as possible. Make sure to blot at the paint gently. Then mix together lukewarm water with liquid dish soap and make sure the mixture is mildly soapy. With a white cloth dip it into the soapy mixture and work on the outside edges of the stain and gently blot, working your way inwards. This is an important technique to prevent the paint form running outward and making the stain bigger and deeper. After cleaning the stain, allow it to dry. Once the carpet is dry vacuum the area thoroughly.

How to Clean & Remove Oil Based Paint from Carpet

Oil base paint dries really quickly. In most cases the paint is already dry when the stain is discovered. If the paint is dry, get a steamer and use it to soften the paint. You will want to apply the steam directly onto the stain or paint. Use a pen to help break up the paint as it begins to soften. Vacuum up the removed chunks of paint; make sure to use the hose of the vacuum. Using warm water and liquid dish soap and blot at the stain with a white cloth. Again, work on the edges of the stain and work your way inward towards the center of the stain.

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After you’re done with your painting project, check your floor for any paint. It is best to clean up after paint while the paint is still wet. If it is time for your carpets to have a professional deep cleaning, contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning today.