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Tile Floor Cleaning FAQ in Beverly Hills, CA; Do I Need a Professional to Seal Grout?

Taking care of your tile and grout is important to keep up the aesthetics, overall condition, and increase the longevity of your hard flooring. But included in your individual maintenance, professional tile and grout cleaning are important. While we know consumers have many questions concerning the professional side of tile and grout cleaning, we at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning have compiled a list of the most common frequently asked question and answered for your convenience.

Tile & Grout Cleaning FAQ

Q: How do professionals clean grout and tile?
Equipped with quality cleaning agents and high-end equipment that are designed to remove the mineral deposits, soap scum, debris, and dirt, as well as the microbes that include mildew and mold your tile and especially grout is left clean and pristine. As professionals are armed to effectively loosen the deep rooted filth and extract it all quickly and efficiently.
Q: How frequently should I schedule professional tile and grout cleaning?
The frequency is indicated by a few contributing factors that include; number of children, pets, and other occupants, the care of owners regular maintenance, as well as the sealants durability. Heavy used areas should be professionally cleaned every 6 months, less used tile and grout should be cleaned at least once a year.
Q: What is the average time of professionally cleaning and sealing service?
In an average size room, up to 250 square feet, it takes between 45-90 minutes to complete the service. However, depending on the additional circumstances it can take up to 3 hours and such circumstances room configuration, buildup, number of grout lines, size of the tile, as well as if a sealant application is performed.
Q: Why is professional tile and grout cleaning essential?
Grout is very porous naturally and retains a lot of dirt, debris and moisture, which can lead to mildew and mold. Tile, especially if the tile is scratched and scuffed, easily accumulates dirt and debris once the sealant has dissolved. Tile and grout and just like carpets, even with daily maintenance, over time the deeply rooted debris needs to be removed with professional quality equipment and products. Dingy grout and dull tile are rejuvenated and left shiny after a professional cleaning; not only improving the aesthetics, but preserving the condition as well.
Q: Do I really need to seal the tile and grout?
Grout needs a barrier in order to avoid excessive dirt and sealants are designed to give you the advantage in cleaning spills. Additionally the sealant will allow daily dirt extraction easier and before the majority has an opportunity to penetrate deeply below surface.
Q: How soon can I walk on the tile after professional cleaning and/or sealing?
It takes 24 hours for the sealant to cure; as a result, we recommend waiting over 24 hours before allowing any liquids to make contact. However, you should wait at least 3 hours before walking on it.
Q: What should I use to clean my tile and grout in between services?
To extend the sealant avoid harsh abrasive and acid cleaners, especially such chemicals as bleach. Stick with a small quantity of liquid dish detergent and water in an effort to avoid breaking down the sealant.

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