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How to Clean & Remove Colored, Body, Candle & Other Wax from Carpet in Los Angeles, CA

Who doesn’t have those beautiful aromatic candles that they can burn for a burst of aroma in their home. They are sold in many stores and they come in all sorts of colors and scents. The problem is that many people will forget that they are burning and maybe allow them to go for too long. This can cause wet wax to start to fill up the jar. This is okay and the wax will dry but it can spill in the carpet when someone bumps the jar or if you blow out the candle too hard. There are other ways that candle wax can get on your carpets like a long winded birthday song. Whatever happens to cause the wax to spill on the carpet, you need to ensure that you use the correct method to clean it off. If you use a standard carpet stain removal method it could potentially cause the problem to get worse. Wax is its very own type of spot that has a specific method to clean it off.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Lists Steps to Take to Clean Wax Off Your Carpet or Rug

Scrape Wax from Carpet: Using a credit card to begin this process does not mean that you are headed to the store to purchase some magic kit! Don’t take the credit card out to the store but rather use the stiffness of the card to help get the excess wax off. This is a great step to take to make sure that the wax is not able to spread any further. The card is the perfect material to use to scrape away the parts of the wax that you can. You need to be sure you are careful so you don’t damage the carpet fibers while in the process.
Use Blow Dryer to Remove Wax from Carpet: Now that the excess has been removed you want to work on the rest of the spot. The problem that you have with wax is that the wax goes from a solid and when heated it turns into liquid. When you spill the wet wax it will not stay in the liquid form. The wax will quickly turn back to a solid as the cooler air hits it. That is why you need to use heat again to get the wax back to the liquid form. You also need to have a brown paper sack ready to use to soak up the wax. Start by laying the brown paper sack on the area that has the wax. Then you use the blow dryer and heat the area with the blow dryer. Then when you lift the sack the wax will have transferred to the sack and off the carpet fibers. You may need to reapply this method several times to get the entire was spot off.

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