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Wet or Dried Blood Stain Removal from Carpets & Couches in Santa Monica, CA

There are some stains that are hard to treat and seem as if you can’t get them out of any fabric including your carpet. One of these stains are blood! If you have ever had a cut or scrape that bleeds a lot you know that it can be hard to stop fast. That can easily lead to drops of blood ending up on your carpets and other areas of your home. Blood stains are not something that should be left untreated and you want to get to them as quick as you can. The blood will start to set in and could be much harder to remove later. This is often the case with many stains and you need to know what treatments will work best for this type of stain. To clean blood off of carpet you need to use particular cleaning solutions and techniques so you don’t make the stain worse.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Lists Steps to Remove Blood Stains From Your Carpet

Remove Excess Blood from Carpet: The first step when dealing with a blood stain or really any other stain is to remove the excess blood. This can be done if the blood is fresh by using a cloth to dab away at the spot. If it is dry on the carpet you can use a brush such as a toothbrush to scrape off the bits that are dry. The excess has to be removed so that when you do start the treatment you don’t expand the spot to a larger area. Once this is complete you can start the process to clean the stain.
Soak the Blood Stained Carpet: This is the step that you need to take to loosen the blood stain and get it ready for treatment. The important thing to document is that you need to use cold water only. The cold water will allow you to treat the area while hot water will actually set the stain in the carpet making it impossible to remove. Spray the area with your cold water and allow to sit for about five minutes. Be sure that you use an adequate amount of water but not so much that it spreads the blood stain out further. After it has set you need to use a cloth to blot away as much of the stain as you can.
Use a Carpet Cleaning Solution: The next step is to treat the blood stain with a cleaning solution that can treat the remaining blood. You can use liquid dish soap that is diluted with water. Soak the area and dab at the spot until the stain is gone. You can also use a salt paste where you take salt in a bowl with a few drips of cold water. When it is a paste you can place it over the spot then dab at the location.
Finish Removing Blood from Carpet: The last step will be to vacuum up any excess salt if you used this solution. Then set a fan in the area so that the carpet has a chance to dry.

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If you are concerned about the blood stain you can always use a professional carpet cleaning company to come out and clean the spot for you. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning offers expert carpet cleaning and stain removal services and more!

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