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Wool Fiber Carpet Cleaning Instructions, Care & Stain Removal Tips in Brentwood, CA

Wool carpets are a luxurious option with its beauty and plush texture; many homeowners are using it as an option for the flooring in their homes. High quality wool is very durable, and when properly cared for and maintained, it can last a life time. Today, we at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to list some helpful tips and suggestions to better preserve your wool carpets.

Wool Carpet Care

Like all carpets, vacuuming daily is the best approach, and wool is not the exception. If daily vacuuming is hard to manage with a busy schedule, as often as possible is essential. Be sure to always vacuum before a DIY shampoo if you prefer to take on the deep cleaning yourself. Any spills should be treated promptly with a damp cloth, using pats and blot techniques, avoid using scrubs and rubs. Keep in mind that is essential to treat pills as quickly as possible because the longer they set, the risk of a stain can occur even though the waxy coating that is designed to repel liquids wool carpets will help them resist stains.

Wool Carpet Cleaners

Using cleaners on wool carpets need to be done with caution. Not all cleaners are user friendly on wool so be sure to check the label when buying a carpet cleaner. It is best if you stick with wool carpet specific cleaner to treat the stains and spots. Avoid using bleach or bleach based cleaners on your wool carpets as it wool cause the fibers to disintegrate. Peroxide is an ideal chemical to treat tough stains without compromising the wool. For organic material-based staining, they can be effectively removed with bio-enzyme cleaners. Stains that are due to grease or grime residues are dissolved easily with mild dish soap and water. However, it doesn’t matter which cleaner you prefer, never skip the patch done t ensure it is safely used on the wool carpet.

Wool Carpet & Water

Water will not cause wool carpeting to shrink, stretch, or warp since wool is a natural fiber. Like with all carpets, it is never safe to over saturate or use hot water. Use cool or warm water to treat any spots or stains. Too much wetness will cause water damage; creating foul odors, potential mold growth, and discoloration. Should too much water make contact, expedite the drying process as best you can. Flip on ceiling fans and use portable fans. If the weather permits, open a window. Providing you have an water extraction equipment, such as wet/dry vac, use it to pull up as much liquid as possible. If necessary, place a dry on top of the area to draw up the moisture. Repeat with a separate dry towel and place weight on top of it and leave it for several hours. When you wool carpets are hit with flooding of any kind, call in a professional right away for immediate water damage restoration services.

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Wool carpets are more efficiently cleaned by a professional. They should be deep cleaned 1-2 times a year according to manufacturers. When it comes time for your wool carpets to be professionally cleaned, call in the experts of Steam Green Carpet Cleaning and let our team get your carpets cleaned and refreshed.

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