Are your area rugs starting to look dull and drab? All rugs will fade as they age for reasons that include, sun damage, wear and tear as well as improper cleaning attempts. These reasons can cause your area rugs to wear out a lot sooner than you’d like. Area rugs have colorful and illustrious designs that can cost a pretty penny, so it’s important to take care of them to ensure they will last for a long time. The things we do every day could be damaging to our area rugs. How can we prevent this from happening?

Reasons Your Area Rugs are Fading Too Soon

Washing Rugs. You may think that washing your area rugs by hand is the gentlest way to clean them, but if you wring them out to get all the water out or you use cleaners with harsh chemicals in them then you could be causing damage. Make sure you use gentle solutions and only use enough to work up a lather to clean. Hang your area rugs outside to dry rather than wringing them out. Try not to use a dryer to dry your area rugs as it can warp the backing of some rugs. The best way to clean your areas rugs is by picking up the phone and calling the professionals. There methods are not harsh and will clean your rugs to maintain them for years to come.
Sun Fades & Damages Area Rugs. When sun shines into our homes, it’s great but not so much for your furniture and rugs. It can cause uneven fading and the rays of the sun are a natural bleach that can affect the color of your carpet. Make sure you place them in areas without direct sunlight and rotate them regularly, so the fading will at least be even. There are protective coatings that you can apply to your area rugs for further protection from sun damage when they are cleaned.
Vacuuming Area Rugs. Vacuuming on a low setting without shaking your area rugs out first is a mistake. Area rugs need to be vacuumed on a higher setting to reduce pressure on the delicate fabrics. Do not vacuum the fringe on area rugs, instead brush it with your fingers or a wide toothed comb to remove dirt and debris. Include area rug vacuuming when you vacuum the rest of your home and don’t forget to vacuum the back of the rugs to keep them in good condition. Rugs that get more traffic will need to be vacuumed more often.
Area Rug & Runner Placement. Carpet runners are better suited for high traffic areas than area rugs, and a beautiful area rug is better suited in your living room rather than your patio. The benefit of the rugs in your home will be realized when they are placed in the right places. Decorative rugs need to be placed correctly to pull your home together and to ensure they will last as long as they are supposed to. The professionals can help you determine the best placement for all the rugs in your home.

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These are the reasons that your area rugs may be fading sooner than you’d like, but the best way to keep them looking fabulous for years to come is to hire the professionals at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning to have them cleaned regularly. Call us to schedule an appointment today!