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Benefits of Hardwood Floors VS Carpet, Tile & Grout or Laminate Flooring in Camarillo, TX

Many homeowners look to have hardwood floors installed instead of carpet for many reasons. It is cost effective and lasts a lifetime. Some like it because they stay cleaner and others simply like the look and versatility of hardwood floors. My grandmother had real hardwood floors installed in her home more than 30 years ago and it is still holding up today. You can even change up the look if it’s time for a face-lift without having to replace the whole floor! So, what are some benefits to installing hardwood floors?

Advantages of Oak & Other Hardwood Flooring

1: Low Maintenance – Unlike carpeting, hardwood floors require little upkeep. A daily or weekly sweep or vacuum depending on how many people you have in your home will remove dust, dirt and food that may have dropped. A bi-weekly mopping or wet Swiffer will keep your stain resistant flooring sanitized and free of harmful bacteria and virus’. Most hardwood floors only require a yearly deep-cleaning. I love knowing that my home is clean and harbors a much lower risk of holding environmental hazards and allergens because we have hardwood. If someone spills something, all I have to do is wipe it up!
2: Improves indoor air quality– Unlike carpet or vinyl, hardwood floors do not harbor dust mites, animal dander, pollen, particulate matter or other allergens. Having wood floors are best for allergy sufferers because they carry little risk in irritating allergies and respiratory diseases. They stay cleaner making your home a healthier environment for you and your family.
3: Convenient for pet owners– If you have pets, it makes for simple clean up when accidents happen or shedding periods occur. A simple sweep or mop up will take care of the problem without leaving a foul odor behind!
4: Last a lifetime and are cost-effective– Hardwood flooring a little bit higher upfront cost but will likely never need replacing. If the floor becomes damaged, or you are simply remodeling, you can have them refinished and re-stained to fix or update the look instead of replacing them. Unlike carpet, vinyl, or laminate where when they become damaged you will need to replace them! Hardwood floors are easy to maintain, don’t require the purchase of a vacuum, and hold up well against damage.
5: Hardwood Floors add value to your home: When it comes time to sell your home, you can sell it faster, and at a better price than if you had carpet. When buying a home, people look at homes that have carpet as a breeding ground for germs left behind by the family that lived there prior and already have plans to replace the carpeting. Most people look for homes with wood floors because they are more sanitary and are more aesthetically pleasing to them.

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