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Why You Should Have Carpet Steam Cleaned Often in Oxnard, CA; Health Benefits & More

For many reasons, carpets are a popular flooring option for many homeowners. They are soft and comfortable, make falls less painful, hide uneven floors and their insulation properties make carpeted rooms warmer and help reduce noise. While carpets are a popular choice, they do require maintenance to keep them looking great. They are harder to keep spotless than hardwood, laminate or tile flooring. If you have dirty carpets, it makes your home look uninviting and unhealthy. It makes perfect sense that carpets need to be kept clean. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning outlines some of the reasons you should have regular professional carpet cleaning.

Keep Your House Smelling Good

Todays carpets are designed to hide stains and make it harder for you to see if they need cleaning. When you do finally notice the dirt, it may be a little too late and there may be damage to the fibers. The best kept carpets are vacuumed on a regular basis to prevent dust particles from building up in the carpet fibers. Professional carpet cleaning is the best way to remove odors from your carpets.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Gets Rid of Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscopic and thrive in dust and feed on dead skin cells. Their body fragments and excrement can become air-borne and cause allergies or make them worse. You need to deal with dust mites if you or family members are experiencing watery and itchy eyes when you are at home. Regular vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning will help reduce dust mites in your home.

Prevent Mold in Carpet with Steam Cleaning

Mold is a fungus that grows well in dirty and moist environments. When dirt accumulates on your carpet and if it gets wet or exposed to humidity, you may have mold growing. Mold can irritate your eyes, nose and throat, causing allergies and asthma. If left untreated, it can cause more serious health issues. Regular carpet cleaning will remove dirt and moisture from your carpet to prevent mold growth.

Carpet Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality

Carpet fibers can trap indoor air pollutants like particulate matter, lead, pet dander, cockroach droppings, etc. Toxic gases can latch onto these pollutants and can contaminate and pollute the air in your home when you turn on the air conditioning. Regular carpet cleaning with the right solutions will remove these pollutants to improve the air quality in your home.

Health Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can house several microbes and can expose you to more dangers than allergies or asthma attacks. Dirty carpets can cause itchy skin and rashes and walking on dirty carpets barefoot can have you contracting athlete’s foot. Left untreated, it can break into the skin, breed and cause chronic itchy feet.

Professional Cleaning Makes Carpet Last Longer

You spent good money for the carpeting in your home. If you want them to last a long time, you will need to take care of them. Regular carpet cleaning is the best way to do it. The dust and dirt in your carpet can damage the fibers as it’s walked on and can cause it to become matted. Regular vacuuming will remove dust and dirt. It will also groom your carpet to remove bugs that have made your carpet home. Some of these bugs can feed on carpet fibers and wear them out.

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These are all good reasons to keep your carpets clean. When you need professional carpet cleaning, contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning to schedule an appointment.

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