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What Kind of Carpet Should I Buy in Beverly Hills CA? Call our Professional Carpet Cleaners for Expert Stain Removal Maintenance & Carpet Cleaning!

There are many different circumstances where getting new carpet is essential for a home. But with a vast number of choices out there on the market, it can be mind boggling as to what kind of carpet you should get.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to offer some advice on carpet types and what cleaning and maintenance is required.

1. Carpet Durability: Especially if you desire to live in the home for many years to come, durability is a must. The better the durability, the better the longevity will be with proper care. When looking for the best durability the qualities to look for are the following:
Carpet Construction
Carpets Density or Thickness. When checking the density, look to see how closely the fibers are sewn together. The denser the carpet, the better and longer it will stand and will not be able to be crushed down. On the other side, carpet too thick will most likely not be soft. There are some extra dense carpets that are still soft but they are a rarity. Just remember it’s your carpet and you can be picky to find the perfect density without skimping on the softness.
Carpet Fibers
– Wool: Highly durable, great softness and eco-friendly. But pricey; wool carpet is generally three times more expensive than average carpet.
– Nylon: Industry experts agree nylon is the most durable to handle foot traffic. Diverse hues are readily available and are generally soft. However, nylon is prone to stains, but can be pre-treated to help hinder the stains.
– Polyester: A nice alternative to nylon fibers, eco-friendly and resists stains.
2. Carpet Budget: Depending on your affordability, seeking the perfect carpet for the right cost can be tricky. Some carpets are marked up due to style and flare, but cleverly disguise the poor quality. However, good quality could be presented boring and un-stylish. Make sure you are dealing with a company with a good reputation, and do your homework on carpet fibers, styles and colors before you purchase. Don’t feel pressured by pushy salesman, get the carpet you want at a reasonable cost.
3. Carpet Types and Textures: There are several textures available.
Plush Texture: A stiffer fiber of solid colors. Not as soft as other types but will not show foot prints or vacuum marks. Due to the tightness of the weave it will keep its texture longer than most.
Plush Saxony: Retains shine for an aesthetic flare. Is soft and comfortable enough to sleep on.
Berber: Carpet fibers are looped instead of stiffened straight up. Available in multi-colors. Not very comfortable to the touch but has high durability for foot traffic.
Patterned: Comes in plush or Berber, but has a pattern assembled into the carpet.
Print: Generally put together with designs and colors, and come in a wide range for unique style.
4. Additional Carpet Tips: Remember the carpet pad needs to be top of the line. That is what absorbs impact and can keep your carpet lasting longer.
– Be conscious of the style of room you already have with how your walls are surfaced, along with furniture, decor, and drapes. Your want the carpet to belong to the room already established.
– Get the right carpet better suited for your home. It is probably not a wise investment to get white wool when you have a family with clumsy fingers and many pitter patters of feet or furry pets.

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Always make sure no matter what carpet you purchase, you give it the proper care and maintenance. Hire Steam Green Carpet Cleaners to come and give your carpets professional cleaning once a year or as needed to prolong its life. We hope this was helpful information on your quest for new carpet.

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