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Damaged Hardwood Flooring Treatments to Repair Damage in Beverly Hills CA; Call Steam Green Carpet Cleaning for Hardwood Floor Refinishing!

When it comes to flooring options, a large amount of people have chosen to go with hardwood. Hardwood floors are a great flooring option that can be durable and will last a long time as long as they are taken care of. Hardwood is a substitute for tile flooring and even for carpeting. Hardwood floors come in many colors and stains and you can choose what you want that fits the décor of your home. You also will have to consider the type of wood that you want as well. Some show more grain and some show less so be sure to know what is best for you in terms of what is most desirable.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning has a list of ways that you could be damaging your hardwood floors and how to stop it so you don’t need hardwood floor refinishing prematurely!

Stopping rugs from moving freely on your hardwood floors: When you have an area rug, the first thing you probably do is add some type of adhesive to the floor to attach the rug so that it doesn’t move around. This is the problem. The sticky adhesive that you are going to use will stick to the floor and it can be hard to remove. When the tape is removed it can also remove parts of the finish and varnish with it. The rug will need some freedom to move even though it can become annoying and you will have to set it back in place.

Chairs and tables with no padding can scrape hardwood floors: This is a huge problem and many people don’t realize that sliding the chairs and tables around even slightly can cause scratches and damage to the floors and finish. When you have furniture on the hardwood floors you want to be sure that you add small amounts of felt to the feet of all the pieces of furniture to protect the floors when they are moved around.

Dirt and dust buildup on hardwood floors: When the dirt and dust is left on the floors it can actually lead to scratches that will need to be buffed out and maybe even refinished. Make sure that you take time to dust and sweep the floors often to keep the dirt out. The dirt acts like sandpaper when you walk on it and will cause areas of damage. The hardwood is left looking bad in high traffic areas.

Pet damage on hardwood floors: The problem with most pets is that they have long nails and when they come running through the house and across the hardwood floors they can start to scratch the surface of the floors. The best way to stop them from scratching the floors is to be sure that the nails are treated and filed down.

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The very best way to stop damage to your hardwood floors is to have them cleaned and polished on a regular basis to ensure that any dirt and debris is removed and the finish is kept looking like new. If you are ready to have your hardwood floors looking and feeling great give us a call today!

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