Mechanics, whether professional or hobbyist, usually trail engine oil on them everywhere they go. No matter the attempts to keep oil out, somehow it manages to be tracked in through your carpet. A path to the culprits whereabouts are often evident. So after a well deserved tongue lashing, it is time to attack the blemishes adorning your beautiful carpet.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to offer some tips and steps on removing engine oil stains that are spoiling your carpets.

1. Gather the following cleansers:
– For Synthetic Fiber Carpet: Rubbing Alcohol.
– For Wool Fiber Carpet: Aerosol brake parts cleaner, and dry-cleaning fluid.
– Oriental Rugs: prepare a mixture of 1 quart of water with 6 drops of mild, liquid dish soap.

2. Gather the below cleaning aids:
– White paper towels. (DO NOT use printed or colored paper towels as you risk transferring the dye from the paper towel to the carpet).
– Clean, white cloths or rags. (Same rule applies for using printed or colored towels).
– Plastic spoon. (Or a spoon you do not mind besmirching.)
– Weights. Such as heavy books, cast iron pans, etc.
3. If the oil is in a puddle, begin spooning the oil onto a handful of paper towels or disposable container, and remove the excess swiftly. If the oil has become dry it may be easier to use a hand held vacuum to remove the bulk. If all you have is an average household vacuum, only use the hose attachment, as using the spinning brush on a regular vacuum will just spread out the mess.
4. Using a few folded up paper towels, gently blot up the stain. Do not rub, as this will only push the stain deeper into the fibers. Work from the exterior of the stain towards the center. Continue blotting until you have blotted out as much oil as you can. As the paper towels absorb the oil, be sure to use clean sections and additional paper towels as needed.
5. On your white, clean cloth, apply the appropriate cleaning solution.
6. CONDUCT A PATCH TEST. When cleaning stains from your carpets, always perform patch test in an in conspicuous place, with any commercial cleaners or home remedies. You want to ensure it will not compromise the color or integrity of your carpet.
7. Using a lifting motion, blot out the stain with treated cloth. As you did earlier, work from the outside in. DO NOT scrub or rub in the stain.
8. Repeat until stain has been lifted, or stain no longer transfers to your cloth.
9. If stain persists, put the cleaning method directly onto remaining blemish, and allow to set for 5 minutes. Blot stains with a new, clean cloth until stain has be removed.
10. For rinsing, place a dampened cloth on the treated area, and place the heavy weights. Allow the set in overnight.
11. If the area is dry, vacuum to relax fibers.

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