Cleaning an Oriental area rug may be a bit overwhelming, especially if you have never had to clean one before. It is important to clean an Oriental rug properly or you risk damaging it. Before you start, Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to share a few tips and even guide you through the proper methods of cleaning an Oriental area rug.

Know Material of Oriental Rug; Silk, Wool, Cotton and/or Rayon
Before you begin cleaning your Oriental rug know what material it is made of first. Your rug can be made with silk, wool, mercerized cotton, or synthetic rayon. Most Oriental rugs will have the tag showing what materials or even the blend of materials that were used to make your rug. Also, before you begin cleaning your Oriental rug consider the rug’s age, current condition, damage that may have occurred, or if it was hand-dyed. In older rugs, it always pays to have a professional work their magic. So if you have never cleaned an Oriental rug and yours is in delicate condition, you may want to seek out the aid of a professional.

Method 1. Cleaning the Oriental Rug Inside Your Home

Start by thoroughly vacuuming your rug on both sides; the top and the bottom. Start with the bottom side and then flip it over. Smaller rugs can even be taken outside to shake it out. With cold water in the carpet cleaning machine, use the hand held attachment and spray the water in small sections at a time. Rinse and then extract the water. Read the label on the rug and see if cleaning agents can be used. If not, continue using cold water to loosen and extract the dirt inside the rug. If a cleaning agent can be used, rinse the rug first, and then go over the rug again with the proper cleaning agent for the materials used to make your Oriental rug. Lay the rug flat and allow it to dry. You can use fans to help speed up the process.

Method 2. Cleaning the Oriental Rug Outside Your Home

Start by vacuuming both sides of the rug. Again start with the back side then flip it over to vacuum the top. If small enough take it outside to shake out any dirt. If you have an area such as patio large enough to clean your rug outside, first prep the area before washing. Make sure you sweep off any dirt with a garden hose. Make the cleaning area free of dirt and debris. Afterward, lay your rug down. Use cold water from the garden hose to spray the rug down but don’t over soak it. Make a cleaning solution of 3 tablespoons of liquid dish soap in a gallon of water or use a commercial detergent that was recommended on the rug’s label if provided. Make sure the cleaning solution won’t discolor the rug. Test a small corner of the rug first and make sure it doesn’t become discolored. If safe proceed. Use a soft bristled brush to apply the cleaning solution and then rinse it off with the hose. Use a squeegee to remove as much water as possible and then allow the rug to dry. Make sure, as the rug dries, that it is flat. After it is completely dry vacuum the rug and put it back in its place.

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Remember when cleaning your Oriental rug, never use harsh chemicals and be gentle in when you clean it. Even on the toughest stains, clean them gently. If you find your Oriental rug need a professional’s touch, you can contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning. We will properly and carefully clean your Oriental rug.