When you go out and buy a new rug or a set of couches you want to make some changes to the room. That is a great time to do some rearranging but you might find some unwanted markings. When you have a room set up one particular way for some time and you move the pieces of furniture you may notice high traffic areas. You can also see some stains and you might notice that the carpet under the furniture and existing rugs look different. Some of that can be the sheer fact that the carpet that has been protected under the items and are really just showing you the original color. That can be shocking to see especially if you thought your carpets were clean. This can be alleviated by simply keeping up with your standard professional carpet cleaning. Another phenomena that you might see when you roll up a rug or a piece of furniture is called phenolic yellowing.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Explains What Phenolic Yellowing Is & What You Can Do To Help Prevent It

What Are Yellow Stains on Your Carpet: The carpet can cause yellowing on itself. The carpet can have a compound called butylhydroxyltoluene or BHT that is what will cause the reaction. The carpet, padding or glue can have BHT and it needs to be able to breath. When you arrange a room and you cover the carpet with a heavy piece of furniture or rug it stifles the carpet. That means that the BHT that is released has nowhere to go except right back to the carpet. The carpet then starts to change to a yellow color no matter what color the carpet is that you started with. The yellowing should not be confused with the original color of the carpet. It will actually start to show a yellow tint to the carpet itself.
How Can You Stop Phenolic Yellowing: The very first way to help prevent this from happening is to know what carpet you have. You can check to see if your particular carpet has this compound BHT. If it does not you may not be safe. The rugs that you are using in your home can actually have the BHT which will still cause the reaction on the carpet. The best thing you can do if you have BHT in your carpet or rugs is to roll them and move the furniture off. Each time you schedule to have your carpets cleaned you want to move the furniture off and the rugs so that the carpets have some time to breath. When the carpets have time to rest when they are cleaned it can prevent the reaction from occurring.

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The problem is that phenolic yellowing is a reaction that has affected the carpet. That means that it cannot be simply be cleaned off. The carpet when it gets to that point will need to be dyed or replaced with new carpet. Contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning for all your carpet cleaning needs!