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Basics of Solid, Prefinished & Unfinished Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Maintenance & Care in Santa Monica, CA

Whether you are a hardwood floor veteran, or new to the new experience, understanding the basics and care is essential to protect the overall condition, aesthetics, and longevity of your investment. We at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to get down to business and review the basics with the veterans and to stress the basics with the beginners of solid hardwood flooring.

Types of Hardwood Floors

Being manufactured thicker and more durable, solid hardwood floor is a common choice among homeowners with the varying hardwood floor options. Solid hardwood floors can be unfinished or factory finished if you are looking for new installation. If you are looking to minimize the installation work, opt for the pre-finished option as it comes pre-sanded and finished. The unfinished wood, on the other hand, requires for all the sanding and finishing to be performed at installation; a more optimal option for those who prefer a custom design. However, if you opt for this, the process for hardwood floor installation can be long, there is a specific process and walking on the hardwood floor is not allowed until installation is complete, including the sanding and finishing. More costly than the other alternatives, solid hardwood flooring is still optimal having the durability and longevity it offers, it is well worth the cost.

Tips to Prevent Hardwood Floor Problems

1) Using clean, dry microfiber cloths, immediately clean up spills. Any liquid residues left on the surface can seep into the gaps and cause water damage or warping issues.
2) Avoid wearing high heel shoes and spike shoes on the hardwood flooring.
3) If stains or spots blemish the hardwood floor, use plain water and immediately dry up the any remaining moisture, resist using water or cleaners to wash the floors regularly.
4) When performing maintenance, only use cleaning aids and treatments that are specifically formulated for your type of hardwood floor and finish.
5) Scouring pads, steel wool pads, or anything containing metal along with any other abrasive cleaning implement should be avoided.
6) Do note, that engineered wood and laminated wood both differ from the solid hardwood floors and require similar maintenance but have specific needs.
7) Your pet can inflict blemished and damage to the floor if their nails are long and with tracking in dirt and mud. To minimize the possibility of scratches, keep your pet’s nails trimmed and their paws cleaned.
8) Humidity levels should be kept between 35% and 55%; use humidifiers to maintain the humidity balance. Humidity can affect shrinkage.

Regular Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

– Sweeping with a soft bristled broom, using a dust mop, or a vacuum that features a “bare floor” or “hardwood floor” setting are all adequate methods to clearing off the dirt and debris. Dust and dirt granules can scuff the floors as you walk. Friction is created with dirt on the floors, in conjunction with everyday walking causing early deterioration to the finish also scratches and scuffs in the wood.
– When the sun shines directly on the wood, it dries it out and fades the color. During peak hours, ensure the windows are covered with UV film, blinds, or curtain direct sunlight to avoid the hardwood flooring.
– Hardwood floor requires more protection from potential particulates that can contribute to blemishes or damage. For entry points and high foot traffic, utilize area rugs and runners for ideal protection.

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