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Raising Carpet Pile; How to Get Pressure Marks & Furniture Dents Out of Carpet in Brentwood, CA

Moving your furniture around is a great way to change the traffic patterns in your space and extend the life of your carpet as well. The only problem, when you move your furniture, there are unsightly indentations where the furniture used to sit. You may think that over time those indentations will go away on their own, but that isn’t always the case. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning is here share some tips to help you get rid of stubborn indentations in your carpet from the furniture that has been sitting there for too long.

Using a Portable Heavy Duty Steam Carpet Cleaner

One of the most effective ways to remove any indentations from your carpet comes from a household steam cleaning machine. Make sure you follow the manufacturer instructions on how to use it, but you should notice that the indentations simply disappear. Sometimes, you have to spritz water on the area before using the machine for the most stubborn impressions.

Removing Carpet Dents with Iron

Not everyone has a steam cleaning machine in their home, and you may not want to go and find one to rent. If you have an iron and a damp cloth, this should work just fine. Lay the damp cloth on the impression and slowly iron the area. Leave the cloth on there for a minute or two when you are done and the mark should be gone. If this doesn’t work the first time, try it again.

How to Get Dents Out of Carpet with Ice Cubes

Another great option for carpet indentations is a simple ice cube. Simply put as many ice cubes as needed to fill the indentation and leave it for a period of time. It is best if you can leave it overnight. After it sits, use a wire brush to brush out the carpet and it should disappear. This should only be done if your carpet is durable enough to handle it.

Get Rid of Dents with a Hair Dryer

Using a squirt bottle, you can spray the dents and then use a blow dryer to remove them. The heat from the blow dryer will work similarly to a steam iron or clothes iron and you should be able to use your hands to fluff the carpet after that.

Fluff Carpet with Your Hands

When carpet indentations aren’t too severe, you can use to hands to get rid of them. Use your hands to rough up the carpet and comb through it. This doesn’t work for all carpet types, or when the indentation is a severe one. In those cases, give the other options listed above and see if they work.

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