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How to Choose the Right Durable Hardwood Floor Plank Type & Color in Glendale, CA

If you have decided to give up your carpet and upgrade to solid hardwood flooring, you will find that there are several options for your to choose from. Hardwood flooring is expensive and an investment you are making in your home. You want the flooring you pick to be perfect for the space. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning is here talk about some of the considerations you need to make when picking the perfect hardwood flooring for your home.

Hardwood Flooring Plank Board Widths

The width of the planks you choose for your flooring can drastically change the overall appearance of the floor. Choosing narrow planks means you have chosen boards less than three inches wide; while wide planks are more than three inches. The standard choice usually has the ability to maximize the square footage and make the area look larger than it really is. You can also choose something completely different and go with parquet flooring which consists of squares and rectangles for a completely different design element.

Choose the Right Hardwood Floor Color

You will find that you can choose from a variety of colors that range from light to dark. A lot of that depends on the species of the wood you choose for your home. You may decide to go with some of the most durable hardwoods like cherry, oak or maple for long lasting results. Some people love the diversity of the exotic hardwood such as Brazilian cherry and mahogany. These exotic choices aren’t as durable.

Hardwood Floor Texture

Many people love the look of shiny, sleek flooring that has a high gloss finish. Another popular choice is reclaimed hardwood flooring that showcases the past with all the texture you could ever want in flooring. Hand scraped hardwood is a popular choice as well and adds a good amount of texture to the space.

Hardwood Flooring Finish

Not only does the finish on your hardwood flooring protect your floors, but it can also add color and luster as well. Many of the hardwood choices come pre-finished and you select that finish in the store before installation. The factory applied finishes also come with an outstanding warranty as well as offer longer lasting and more durable finishes.

Hardness of Hardwood Floors

Like mentioned above, different types of wood offer different hardness. If you have a household with pets or kids, it will probably be wise to select a flooring that is durable. Choosing a soft wood like pine, will likely show all the scratches and dings that come with a busy house full of people. You may want to look into engineered wood flooring as well since this is among the most durable choices you have to choose from.

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No matter what hardwood flooring you choose, the flooring experts at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning can install it for you. Not only do we handle installation, but we also help you maintain it. If you are facing refinishing or other repairs to your wood flooring, we can help you restore them to their original beauty. Call us today!

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