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Professional Tile & Grout Floor Deep Cleaning, Care & Maintenance Tips in Long Beach, CA

Tile floors are a great way to bring value to your home. Tile floors are very durable, and many people neglect them when it comes to cleaning. Tile floors need to be taken care of the right way to ensure they look great for years. Any home will stay neat and tidy when a cleaning schedule is followed. When you leave areas of your home untouched for long periods of time your cleaning routine will get off track and the flooring in your home does get neglected from deep cleanings and don’t get cleaned properly as often as they should. Tile floor maintenance should be part of regular cleaning.

Deep Cleaning Tile Floors

Tile floors need to be sealed correctly before starting a cleaning routine. This is more important if you have stone tile floors. The best product to use on your flooring is a masonry floor sealer. This product can be found at most hardware stores. Use clean rags or a clean mop and always follow the directions on the package. Tile floors that are sealed are more durable and easier to clean. Properly sealed floors need to be cleaned once a week by using a soft mop or cloth with a mild detergent. Always make sure you change the cleaning solution you’re using to clean so you don’t have a cloudy film of dirt on the floor. Many cleaning solutions are too caustic and can damage your floors. If you’re trying something new, test it out in an inconspicuous area to see if it will affect your flooring.

How to Clean Floor Grout

Once a month you’ll need to pay more attention to the grout. Use a vacuum cleaner first to pick up any debris before you start cleaning. Regular sweeping and vacuuming will remove sand, dirt and grit that can scratch and dull the surface of your tile. Protect your tiles by doing so before you start cleaning. Each year your tile floors should have a wax or acrylic liquid spread over the surface to make them easier to clean. You will eventually need to have the floors stripped because the wax will build up. After the floors are stripped they will need to be resealed and then cleaning procedures can start over again. There’s only so much that mopping will do as far as getting your floors cleaned and because grout is porous it will absorb dirt and debris. Mopping only removes surface dirt and debris. It doesn’t remove the embedded dirt that can make grout look dull. Dirty tiles can also turn your them into a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria. More so in areas like the bathroom and the kitchen, where germs can run rampant.

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If you want your tile floors to look like new again then have them cleaned by professionals. The cleaning methods you use won’t deliver the deep clean results that your tile floors need. Cleaning tile floors the right way will keep them looking great and will help them last for years. Contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning for all you floor cleaning needs!

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