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How To Get Rid of Hair Dye & Bleach Spots On Carpet & Rugs in Simi Valley CA? Call Steam Green Carpet Cleaning for Professional Stain Removal!

You had to skip the your appointment with your hair dresser this month due lack of funds or other reasons and time is working against you. The thing is, you can’t stand the roots hanging out there and you think; just this one time I will do it myself with store-bought hair dye and my hairdresser will forgive me. Only to have karma work against you, you managed to get some dye in your hair, when you realized you got most of it is everywhere but your hair, and you notice some of the hair dye has even landed on your carpet. After you have vented and let loose with your therapeutic release, you know you have to act fast in removing the stain from your carpet before it becomes a permanent reminder of your blunder.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to offer you up some advice on getting that hair dye stain removed from your carpets and rugs.

1. In a spray bottle or cleaning bucket, mix together 2 cups of warm water (not hot) with 1 TBS liquid dish soap and 1 TBS white vinegar. Be sure to mix well.
2. Having two cloths prepared, use one to sponge on the mixture and blot at the stain. As it becomes more saturated, use the second cloth to blot up moisture to keep the saturation under control.
3. Continue repeating until stain has become faded.
4. Sponge cold, clear, clean water onto the blemished area and continue blotting.
5. With a dry, white cloth, blot up the liquid.
6. Using rubbing alcohol, blot at the stain by applying the alcohol with a cloth or cotton swab.
7. Rinse the area by sponging more clean, cool water. If stain persists move on to the next step, if it has been removed, be sure to blot the area well and allow to dry.
8. Mix in your container of choice two cups of warm water, 1 TBS ammonia and 1 tsp of liquid soap. Be sure solution is well mixed.
9. Sponge the solution on generously, but do not over saturate. The cleaning agent will need to sit for thirty minutes. However, consistent blotting every five minutes with a clean, dry cloth is crucial.
10. Again, be sure to rinse area with cool, clear water and blot up all liquids. If stain is still visible continue.
11. Using an eye dropper or medical syringe, apply a stingy amount of hydrogen peroxide overnight. Repeat as needed. Once stain is lifted be sure to rinse well, blot up all liquid remnants and allow to air dry.

Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal Warning:

– Do not rub, scrub or apply too much pressure when removing the stain. Aggressive attacks only push the stain deeper into the fibers, and could potentially spread it out as well. Keep it contained by blotting at the stain.
– ALWAYS conduct a patch test on any homemade remedy or commercial products in an inconspicuous area to ensure it does not compromise the integrity or color of your carpet fibers.

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Steam Green Carpet Cleaning has the state of the art equipment and high quality detergents to remove most stains. If your stain persists or tending to it makes you uneasy; hire the professionals. We have experts ready to help you handle the stains, or even simply get your carpets vibrant and fresh. Call us today for your appointment!

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