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How to Get Red Lipstick out of Carpet; Call Steam Green Carpet Cleaning for Expert Stain Removal in Santa Clarita CA

The deep shade of red lipstick that complimented your ensemble was just the perfect touch. But alas, your little miniature version of you found that lucky lipstick and created a masterpiece on your carpet. After an adult sized tantrum, a few choice words, and perhaps a few tears, you now need to see about removing the lipstick stain from off your carpet.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like offer a few methods of how to clean and remove the lipstick from off your carpet.

Method #1 – Commercial Carpet Cleaning Product

1. With gentleness and care, use either a butter knife or a spoon to remove the bulk layer off the carpet. Avoid applying to much pressure as you don’t want to push the lipstick deeper into the fibers. Use this step with all methods.
2. As with any cleaning product, whether it be store bought, or homemade, always conduct a path test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the product will not compromise the carpet fibers. Use this step with all methods.
3. Apply your commercial carpet cleaner onto a clean rag, and gently blot up the stain; repeat until stain becomes more and more faded.
4. Remaining residue, spray cleaner onto the stain itself and allow to set for 5-10 minutes.
5. Gentle blot up remaining moisture; repeat if necessary.
6. Using a water bottle, rinse away any remaining cleaning products thoroughly.
7. Towel dry the area and allow spot to dry.

Method #2 – Rubbing Alcohol Carpet Stain Removal

1. Lightly pour a few teaspoons of rubbing alcohol onto a clean cloth, cotton swab or sponge.
2. Gently rub out stain in horizontal or vertical motions, avoid circular motions as this could compromise carpet texture. Do NOT over use the rubbing alcohol, this could damage the bottom carpet lining.
3. Once stain has been removed, spray clean, cool water onto the area, and blot up the moisture, and allow to dry. If the stain persists, repeat.

Method #3 – Nail Polish Remover to Clean Carpet Stains

1. Apply nail polish remover unto the stain and allow to sit for 5 minutes.
2. Blot up the moisture with a clean cloth.
3. Rinse area with cool, clean water
4. Allow to dry thoroughly. If stain remains, repeat.

Method #4 – White Vinegar Carpet Cleaning Solution

1. Start by mixing equal parts of white vinegar and water together.
2. Spray or sponge on mixture to the lipstick stain. Let it set for approximately 5 minutes.
3. Blot up stain and solution.
4. If you need to repeat, try making the vinegar more concentrated.
5. Rinse treated area well, and allow to dry.

* Note:
– Hairspray is a good substitute if rubbing alcohol isn’t an option.
– Windex is also a good tool for removing lipstick.

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