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Microfiber and microsuede resemble suede, but unlike suede the fabrication is composed of polyester and nylon fibers that are 100 times thinner than a human hair. Microfiber couches are incredibly comfortable and while the fabric is stain resistant, it doesn’t hide dirt very well. Darker colors allow the dirt to blend in until you are ready to clean it but lighter colored fabrics show every speck of dirt and grime. Cleaning microfiber can sometimes be problematic because microfiber is often prone to watermarks. It is important that you understand the qualities of microfiber before you attempt to clean it. You will need a vacuum with a brush attachment, rubbing alcohol, a clean light colored sponge, and a clean light colored bristled brush.

Extending the Life of your Upholstery Cleaning

While professional cleaning is always preferable especially due to the nature of the fabric, it is possible to clean your microfiber couch between professional cleanings. The expert upholstery cleaning technicians at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning have provided the following recommendations for cleaning your microfiber couch to ensure you get the best DIY results possible.
• Not all microfiber can be cleaned the same way, so reading the care instructions is extremely important. Most microfiber manufactures use codes to indicate how to clean the fabric.
“W” – means the fabric is water-safe
“S” – means to clean with a dry-cleaning solvent
“S-W” – means both solvent & water safe
“X” – means to dry-brush only

Cleaning a microfiber couch can be tricky and confusing because even if the couch indicates that it is water-safe it can still stain. Most microfiber couches are stain-resistant, but you will be left with a watermark if you try and clean them with water or water based products. Even if your instructions indicate that you can clean them with water, use water and other cleaning ingredients sparingly. Never soak the furniture which could cause further staining to your couch which could even become permanent.
• If you can’t find the manufacturer tag on your couch and you don’t have your care manual, spot test in an inconspicuous area before proceeding with your cleaning.

How to Clean Microfiber Furniture:

Always adhere on the side of caution and spot test a small patch of fabric before cleaning your entire couch especially when cleaning darker colored fabric like red or brown which may react with the rubbing alcohol.
1. Vacuum to remove any loose dirt, dust and hair using a brush attachment to get into tight areas.
2. Spray rubbing alcohol onto soiled areas. Rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly, won’t soak the fabric and is a great alternative to water.
3. Scrub the area with a light colored scrub sponge. The scrub side works best, but it is also important that the sponge you are working with is light colored to ensure there is no color transfer from the sponge to the couch.
4. Once the areas are completely clean of dirt and grime, allow the couch to air dry.
5. If the microfiber looks flat in the areas you have cleaned you can fluff it back up again by using a clean brush with soft light colored bristles.

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