Have you ever walked in the house to find a series of muddy little paw prints on the carpet? Mud is a type of spot that needs to have a very particular treatment and if you don’t follow it you may cause the spot to get larger or set in. With the winter months upon us the mud is going to increase around your home. The weather often has more moisture and that mixed with the dirt outside can cause mud. The other problem is that mud is almost a welcome sight to most dogs and they will walk right through it. After they have done their business they come right back in the house. They don’t have the sense to wipe their paws on a rug so the mud comes right inside. A mat is a way to prevent some of the mud from getting in the house. Once it has come in the house the mud has to be treated to remove it from the carpet.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Explains How to Get Muddy Paw Prints Off Your Carpet

Let The Mud Dry on Carpet: The first step that you need to take when you are dealing with little muddy paw prints is to wait! It can be hard to sit around and allow the mess to stay but it is necessary. While you are letting the mud dry out you can go take care of the dog. Wash off their paws and block off the area that is muddy to prevent them from running in it again if possible. The mud is when water and dirt combine and the water is what will cause the mess to spread out further. The dirt will be easier to clean up after the water has been dried out. This can be done just by simply allowing the mud to dry or using a fan that is left near the area. This will help to speed up the drying process.
Remove Clumps Of Dirt from Carpet: You need to start the cleaning process after the mud has dried. All that you are left with after that is dirt. Not just any kind of dirty but you have clumps of dirt that is often attached to the carpet fibers. You want to get a brush as well as the vacuum ready to clean these spots. Do one spot at a time and remove the clumps and vacuum them as you go. Brush them carefully then follow up with the hose attachment to the vacuum. You will need to repeat this process for each of the paw prints that have been brought in the house which could be quite a few!
Clean Mud Spots on Carpet: After you have removed the dirt clumps from the carpet fibers you need to clean the spots. When you clean them you want to mix up water and dish detergent to use on the areas that are left discolored. Use the mixture and spray the area. Then follow up with a clean cloth that you will dab the space.

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