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How to Get Dried Sap & Needles from Christmas Trees Out of Carpet in Burbank, CA

One of the most common items that people put up during the holiday season is a Christmas tree. There is one side of the fence where people pack away their artificial tree in the garage year after a year. Then there is the group that love the thrill of going out looking for the perfect real tree. The season is not complete until the tree is up and topped with a star! A real tree is something that people love because it brings a nice smell and some great d├ęcor to the house. If you are a new comer to the real tree group you should be warned that with it comes some potential problems. The tree is known to cause some staining on the carpet so it is best to know how to clean up after your real live tree.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Outlines Some Tips on Removing Christmas Tree Stains From Your Carpet

Removing Christmas Tree Needles from Carpet: Now that you have your beautiful real tree in your home it will start to die. You have to water it to keep it from falling apart in a matter of days but it will still slowly lose its beauty. As you know when a tree starts to die off one of the first things that happen is the needles or leaves start to fall off. A pine tree is the most common tree that is used during the season and the needles are a problem. There is nothing that you can do to keep the needles from falling off but it is important to know how to clean them up. You want to use your vacuum on a regular basis to pick up what you can. The needles can come off the tree and get stuck in your carpet. When they start to dry out they can become very sharp and dangerous if you step on one. The vacuum as long as you run over it slowly can pick up the needles. It is important to dump the canister or replace the bag often because the needles can cause a clog.
How to Deal With Water Damage on Carpet: When you have a real tree it has to be watered like any other plant. The tree will stay alive enough for the season as long as you fill the base with water. If the water spills in any way the carpet can be damaged. If the base is damaged or has a hole in it the water can start to seep out. Other problems that you might have is when you attempt to fill the base and spill the water. Water is a problem and can soak in the carpet and padding. You want to be sure that you use a dry cloth to remove as much of the water as you can to prevent mold and staining.
How to Get Dried Sap Off Your Carpet: If you have ever been in the woods and touched a tree you know that sap is a problem. Your live tree is the same. The sap can drip from the cut branches and get on the carpet. The best thing you can do is to use warm water and dish soap on the spot. You want to soak the space as well as remove the excess sap and moisture by using a plain white cloth.

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