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How Best to Refinish Hardwood Floors in Valley Village, CA; Hire a Professional to Prevent Damage & A Mess!

Do you have hardwood floors in your house? They are a beautiful flooring option that adds some elegance and sophistication to any room in your home. There are many homes that have chosen real hardwood floors for all their main living spaces because of their ease in cleaning and maintaining. Although they are far superior from carpet when talking about a spill that needs to be cleaned, they have their own problems too. One of the problems is that they do need to be maintained and this often leads to refinishing. The hardwood is in fact wood and there are several things that can cause damage to the floors. It can be pets that are running around the floors with their long nails causing them to get scratches. They also get worn down and damaged when people walk around with their shoes on. The bottoms of the shoes act a lot like sand paper. This is due to the dirt that is on the bottom and when you walk across there is friction that can cause the floors nice shiny and clear coating to wear down. When this happens your once beautiful floors might look dull and dingy. This is when you have to decide if you want to have your floors refinished.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning lists reasons why you need to hire a professional to refinish your hardwood floors.

You Can Damage Your Hardwood Floors: When the floors need to be refinished they need to have the layer of finish removed as well as a very thin layer of wood to get that nice clean smooth finish. This means that you need to use expert techniques to do this process. This is where many people ruin their hardwood floors and need to have them replaced which is a costly mistake. If you go just a tad too far with sanding the floors down you can damage the hardwood floor planks and they will no longer be able to be refinished. They will then need replacing.
Refinishing Hardwood Floors Can Be a Mess: The process to refinish your floors involves several steps. One is that you need to remove everything that is on the floors and store it at another location. Then you need to start to sand them down. You may not realize at first but the amount of dust that is going to settle all over the house can be overwhelming. The sand will continue to settle for days after the project is done and can be hard to get rid of very quickly. A professional has a system that allows them to collect the dust as they go leaving the house no less dusty than when they started.
Refinishing Hardwood Floors is Time Consuming: The process can take some serious time especially if you are not sure what you are doing. The floors have to be cleared and sanded. Then they must be completely cleaned so that the color that is added goes on smoothly and evenly. After the coloring process is done, you need to clear and seal the floors and usually keep off for some time to allow them to fully dry. A professional company can come in and get through the entire process done while you take care of other items on your to do list.

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