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Common Mistakes When Cleaning Natural Stone Floors in Santa Monica, CA; Not Cleaning Spills Right Away, Using Acidic Cleaners & More

Natural stone floors add value and create an elegant look and atmosphere to any home. However, what most homeowner’s don’t take into consideration is the upkeep and cleaning of natural stone. Most don’t realize that your typical house cleaning methods actually hurt and decays natural stone floors. This is why Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to share what you should avoid when doing your regular house cleaning as well as what should be done to help keep your natural stone floors looking clean, fresh, and help it last forever.

Use Correct Cleaners & Cleaning Solutions for Natural Stone Surfaces

One of the common mistakes made when it comes to natural stone upkeep is using improper cleaning materials. Natural stone, even with a sealer, is extremely sensitive to acidic materials. Some people prefer to use natural forms of cleaning agents such as vinegar and lime juice which all contains high levels of acid. Exposure to these cleaners actually erodes natural stone and damages them. When looking for a cleanser to clean natural stone, make sure the label states that it is safe and/or designed to clean natural stone surfaces. It is important for the longevity of the natural stone surface to use the correct cleansers.

Don’t Use Harsh Cleaners on Natural Stone

Another common mistake is to use harsh or abrasive cleaning tools. The surface and the sealer of natural stone can be marred easily. When cleaning the floor or any other natural stone surface, do not use hard bristled brushes, steel wool, or copper sponges. Do not use them even to clean the smallest of spills. Instead, always use a soft cloth or mop when cleaning natural stone.

Don’t Leave Spills Sitting on Natural Stone Surfaces

One mistake that is made all too often is not cleaning a spill or mess as they occur. The longer a spill from soda, coffee, and other common drinks sits the more harm the acid chemicals cause as they seep deeper into the pores of the stone. We understand you can’t be mopping your floors daily, but if anything falls onto the floor surface, you will want to clean it up right away to help prevent long term erosion.

Natural Stone Needs Professional Cleaning & Sealing

Aside from these mistakes, another one that sometimes occurs is not maintaining the natural stone protective sealer. There will come a time when the sealer will chip or wear off. Sometimes a homeowner will wait too long to reseal the surface of their natural stone floor. This is a long term mistake since erosion can happen really quickly.

Avoid Acidic Cleaners & Abrasive Cleaning Tools on Natural Stone

Proper care and maintenance is important if you want your natural stone surfaces to last. Natural stone is expensive and can be a well worth the investment to a home if cared for properly. To sum it all up, avoid using acidic cleaning chemicals and abrasive cleaning tools. Both can mar or scratch the surface leaving the natural stone open to erosion. Additionally, clean up spills as they occur and maintain the natural stone’s protective sealer to improve on the longevity of the floor. You’ll be glad you did.

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