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Common Carpet Cleaning & Care Myths in Simi Valley, CA; Damage During Steam Cleaning, Only Needed if Carpets Look Dirty & More

Proper care and maintenance of carpets have been a challenge for many people with the myths floating around. Some people state a method being beneficial where others say that same method is detrimental. For those less informed, the facts are crucial if you want your carpets to last until their projected lifespan and then some. Today we at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like dissolve the myths that might be hindering your carpet care.

Common Carpet Cleaning & Care Myths

Myth: There isn’t a difference in quality between pricey carpeting and cheaper carpets
Fact: So very untrue as the cheaper the carpet is the lower quality and manufacturing was. The poorly fashioned carpets are not designed nearly as many years as high-end quality carpets. If the carpet is intending for you and you plan on owning it long term, invest in a high quality carpet and carpet padding.
Myth: Carpets are damaged during steam cleaning treatments
Fact: If the equipment and detergents are not applied appropriately, than steam cleaning treatments can ruin carpets during a steam cleaning. As far as professional steam cleaning goes, there is no risk however. Professionals have advanced training and knowledge regarding all carpet types, equipment techniques, and detergent applications to ensure your carpets are efficiently cleaned and in optimal condition.
Myth: Professional deep carpet cleaning isn’t needed unless carpets look filthy or carry any stains
Fact: Just because the carpets don’t behold obvious markers that they are not clean, doesn’t mean they are. Dirt and debris gets penetrated deep in the fibers if it becomes obvious than the carpets are in worse condition than you supposed. A sandpaper like effect ensues with abrasive dirt particles deep in carpets in conjunction with daily walking traffic. Getting your carpets cleaned a minimum of once a year can extend the overall condition and lifespan of your carpet.
Myth: It takes years before new carpets need a professional cleaning
Fact: Carpets, new and old, should be cleaned annually. When your carpet is a year old, investing in a professional carpet cleaning is highly beneficial. Dirt and soil that has not reached the surface are building up, and being proactive can spare your carpets the dingy appearance. If the carpets appear dull and filthy, the buildup has already done sustained excessive wear and tear.
Myth: Following a professional cleaning, carpets always quickly become filthier
Fact: In the earlier years of carpet shampooing this myth was true, but is no way applicable now. Residues left behind would that attracted dirt. But with modern technical advances and the specially formulated detergents are used by professionals. Methods and techniques are designed to extract the filth and all of the detergents to eliminate the residue that dirt clings to.
Myth: Excessive vacuuming is rough on carpets
Fact: No amount of vacuuming can expedite the deterioration of your carpet. If your home tends to accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, and debris, vacuuming twice a day will only benefit the carpets in which the particulates don’t have the opportunity to fall deep in the fibers and cause the friction that deteriorates carpet.
Myth: Professional and DYI carpet shampooing are equally comparable
Fact: The standardized carpet cleaners and equipment available to the masses will effectively disperse the water and detergents, but the extracting process falls short. If water is left to fester it can introduce mold and create filthier carpets. High-end industrial strength, premium grade equipment and products are used by professionals to ensure maximum results.
Myth: Carpet deodorizer powder is good enough to prevent or neutralize odors
Fact: Excessive carpet powders cause unnecessary damage over long term use. Most vacuums are not powerful enough to collect all the powder. Any lingering powder is just as detrimental is dirt.
Myth: Professional carpet cleanings are too expensive and thus only used if the occasion calls for it
Fact: In recent decades, carpet cleaning has become a competitive industry and commonly used. Considering these factors, carpet cleaning has become more affordable than ever before. Professional cleaning includes such benefits as the following: prolongs carpet life, reduces allergy inducing containments, and minimizes the bacteria and other contagions to improve the indoor air quality in your home.

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