Vacuuming your carpets daily and getting your carpets professionally deep cleaned annually are important for keeping your carpets in optimal condition, but so is cleaning the vacuum on monthly basis. Ensuring your vacuum is cleaned and operating at its full potential will contribute to a thorough vacuuming. We at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to take the opportunity to relate the basic steps in cleaning your bagless vacuum. All vacuums can have specific needs, so always consult your manual before doing anything from disassembly to washing, and reassembly.

Equipment Needed to Clean a Vacuum

Gather up the following tools and equipment for your convenience to complete the vacuuming cleaning project.
– Fill the sink with warm water and mild liquid dish soap.
– Retrieve the vacuum’s manual.
– A screwdriver compatible with your vacuum.
– Scissors
– New filter if applicable. They should be changed every 6 months.
– Dry dusting cloth
– Can of compressed air

Open Vacuum & Disassemble Parts

Disassemble the removable parts of your vacuum. Consult the manual before detaching and submerging in the soapy water. Remove all the components that can be removed. Ensure these parts are compatible to the soapy water. Soak in the bath, scrub and allow them to air dry. Typically, the following parts can be removed include:
– Additional Parts
– Attachment Accessories Dust Container
– Extension Wand
– HEPA Post-Motor Filter Extension Wand
– Pre-Motor Filter
– Roller Brush
– Secondary Cyclone Component
All the removable parts should be washed or wiped accordingly. As previously mentioned, be sure to consult the manual before submerging the parts in the soapy water. The pieces that cannot be soaked in the bubble bath should at least be wiped clean with a dry dust cloth. All of the parts need to be completely dry before you reassemble. Make certain they are dry by allowing them to dry over night.

Clean Rotating Vacuum Brush

The cleaning of the rotating brush. Be sure to consult the manual before submerging because not all brushes can be soaked in the pre-made bath. Unscrew the compartment that holds with the appropriate screwdriver to remove the rotating floor brush. Remove the rotating brush and clean the brush, use the scissors to cut the strings and hairs free that has wrapped around the cylinder. Use your fingers to grip the debris and pull it all off after you have cut down the center if the tangled mess. Soak the cylinder and scrub the cylinder down, air dry. If soaking it is not recommended, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Wipe Down Interior of Vacuum

The dust accumulates in the interior compartments of the vacuum because the dust bin isn’t tightly sealed. Use a can of compressed air and blast out the vacuum until the dust is cleared out to effectively clear out the dust. Wear a face mask or handkerchief and goggles if you need to, especially if you have allergies or sensitivity to dust. Keep in mind that this step will cause a lot of dust to explode out into the open and it is better done outside where the dust can spread out more quickly and not resurface in your home.

Inspect Vacuum Airways & Hoses for Clogs

A small circular air passageway is positioned under the rotating brush. The dirt and debris is suctioned through this pathway. It frequently can collect residue and debris that leads to obstructions, which could be interfering with the vacuum’s efficiency. Use a toothbrush designated for cleaning and clear out the pathway and do the same for the vacuum’s hose to ensure the pathway is clean,.

Complete Vacuum Assembly

Put the vacuum back together. Reassemble the vacuum once you are certain that all of the vacuums parts are completely dry and install the new post-motor filter at this time if it is due. Give the exterior a wipe down and you are finished following the reassembly of the vacuum.

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