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Carpet Cleaning Water Conservation Facts and Tips

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to care for the carpets in your home will provide your carpet with a high quality treatment that will leave your carpet looking like new. Many consumers know from experience that attempting to clean your carpet on your own never produces the results that a professional carpet cleaning company can. Not only does it take up your time to do the job on your own, but it also takes more money out of your wallet. You must buy the appropriate products, rent machines and any other materials that are required to clean your carpet. A professional carpet cleaning company brings everything they need to get your carpet looking like new with them. This includes industrial strength cleaners, stronger and more effective working machines than you can rent and prompt service that saves you money, time and energy.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Conserves Water

Another great benefit to hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is that you will be conserving water use. This is especially important for California residents. Cleaning your carpet on your own will result in excess water use and even cost you more on your water bill due to the amount of water you will be pumping through your carpets. A professional carpet cleaning company is equipped with the latest and most efficient equipment that uses the least amounts of water possible to clean your carpets thoroughly and completely. No water will go to waste when you choose to hire a professional to clean your carpets rather than doing it yourself.

Wasted Water

Home owners consume large amounts of water that can be reduced by making a few simple changes in day to day life. This will help reduce water bills and help strengthen the cause for water conservation. The rest of the world can survive on three gallons of water a day; however, in America one flush of a toilet will use the same amount of water. One bath can use up to 70 gallons of water, while opting to take a shower will use about 25 gallons. Brushing your teeth can take up to four gallons if you leave the water running. From chores like watering your lawn, washing your car and putting your clothes through the laundry it is estimated that every Americans uses an average of up to 2000 gallons of water every day.

Water Conservation Tips

Join the effort to conserve water by taking shorter showers, make sure your sprinklers are on a scheduled timer that coincides with your local watering laws, when purchasing appliances buy the energy efficient options. When deciding whether to clean your carpets on your own or hire a professional, contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning to conserve water and leave your carpet looking like new.

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