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Saving your Rugs from Clothes Moths and Carpet Beetles

For many years, textile eating moths were a common problem in homes due to the large amount of natural fibers such as wool in clothing and home furnishings. The popularity of synthetic fibers has led to the misconception that damage from insects is a problem that only occurred in natural fibers. Clothes moths and carpet beetles larvae digest natural protein fibers such as wool and silk but they will also find and eat protein substances in synthetic fibers such as nylon, acrylic, polyester, and acetate. These synthetic fibers can harbor insects; especially if they contain stains such as food, drinks, blood, urine, perspiration or other sources of protein. And now is the time of year that moths and beetles wreak havoc – which is even worse this year will our drought conditions.

We Rid your Carpets and Rugs of Moth and Clothes Beetles

At Steam Green Carpet Cleaning our professional technicians understand the lifecycle of the moth and clothes beetle. We are trained to treat and rid your precious carpets and rugs of insect infestations using the most technologically advanced cleaning equipment. At Steam Green Carpet Cleaning, we protect you and your family members from harmful chemicals as all of our cleaning products are environmentally friendly. We treat carpets, rugs, tile, and textiles with natural, bio-degradable cleaning products and solutions.

Proactive Approach to Prevent Carpet and Rug Damage

The knowledgeable professionals at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning also recommend a proactive approach. The most effective way to prevent an infestation is to keep your carpets, rugs and other textiles clean. Spilled food and drink should be cleaned up immediately. Rugs and Carpets should be vacuumed on a regular basis, as insects as a rule do not typically attack clean materials. Regular cleaning and at least a once a year deep cleaning by your Steam Green Carpet Cleaning technician will remove the nutritional proteins that attract and support insects using the hot water extraction technique. The hot water extraction removes the larvae by washing and the hot drying destroys the eggs.

Determining Current Carpet and Rug Damage

How do you know if you already have a moth or beetle infestation? You may see the flying adults of the clothes moths but unlike other species of moths they are not attracted to light and tend to prefer darker places such as dark closets and drawers. More than likely you will note fabric damage, such as loose carpet fibers resting on the of the carpet pile. Another tell-tale sign is the cocoons. The cocoons are slightly fuzzy cylinders, approximately ½ inch long and usually the same color as the rug’s pile since the larvae camouflage their cocoons to blend in with the color of the wool that surrounds them. You may even see the actual larvae moving along the pile surface and underneath the rug.

Protection against Carpet Moths and Beetles

If you do see any sign of an infestation Steam Green Carpet Cleaning also recommends consulting with your pest control professional especially if the infestation is severe. Your pest control company will also ensure that the moths and beetles haven’t spread to other areas in the home which could then continually spread from one area to another in a repeating cycle. The professionals at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning will work in conjunction with your pest control technician to ensure you are protected against further outbreaks using the proactive approach of regular professional cleanings. To learn more about Steam Green Carpet Cleaning, contact us today and speak with a customer service professional.

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