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DIY Home Cleaners Versus Professional Carpet Cleaning

Your carpeting may not require the regular cleaning that most other types of flooring need, but your carpet should be cleaned by a professional at least once a year to every eighteen months depending on the size of your home or business and the amount of foot traffic. Even if you vacuum regularly, professional carpet cleaning will not only extend the life of your carpets it will also help reduce allergens providing a better level of air quality within your home. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning provides a superior cleaning service using the newest products and advancement in technology and equipment to ensure the best possible results. We follow a specific process to ensure your carpets are clean and sanitized.

DIY Versus Professional Carpet Cleaning

Many people try to save money by using the DIY approach but does it really save you money in the long run? DIY may seem like a less expensive alternative but it is never as effective as a professional cleaning. It is also very easy to damage the carpet which can be irreversible and may even require replacement which can be very costly. The three most common ways that ‘do it yourselfers’ damage carpets are:
1. Over-shampooing – Over shampooing occurs when too much shampoo is used or the carpet is not properly rinsed. This buildup of soapy residue is impossible to clean out and turns your carpet into a magnet for dirt and grime.
2. Over-wetting – Over wetting occurs when too much water soaks into a carpet. If the backing and pad get wet, it is extremely difficult to dry and if not properly dried out will cause mold and mildew.
3. Carpet Damage Caused by Furniture Staining over Wet Carpet– When furniture with wood feet comes into contact with wet carpet it can cause staining. Some pieces of furniture have metal feet which can rust and leave stains in the carpet.

What professional carpet cleaning methods do the experts at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning use? Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction otherwise referred to as steam cleaning is the only cleaning method that truly deep cleans your carpeting; other methods are generally considered a light surface cleaning. During the steam cleaning process, a solution of water and detergent are sprayed into the carpet pile, a fine spray of water under pressure is used to force dirt out of the carpet and then it is immediately vacuumed up and expelled into a truck mounted holding tank. Hot water extraction uses a minimal amount of water which is especially important living in California with our current drought problems. Within one to two hours your carpets will be ready for use again.
Contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning and speak with an experienced customer service professional to schedule a pre-inspection with a certified technician. We will inspect your carpet and discuss any potential problems such as odors, stains or soiled areas. Our technicians will advise you on our carpet pretreatment, spot cleaning and other carpet cleaning services to ensure your carpet is treated effectively and professionally. Call us today to hear more about our professional carpet, rug, tile, upholstery, leather furniture, mattress, air duct cleaning, and water damage restoration services.

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