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Best Way to Get Wax Spills Out of Carpet in Downey, CA; Cleaning & Stain Removal Tips

When you are trying to clean stains off your carpet there are specific methods depending on the substance you are trying to clean. You may be used to certain types of stains depending on the people that live in your house. Maybe you have messy teens that eat snacks in the living room while playing video games. You might have toddlers that walk around with snacks or pets that have the occasional accident. Whatever type of messes you are dealing with it is a great idea to understand the methods that are best to clean and remove these stains. There are certain stains that are a real problem and you want to make sure you know the best steps to take. If you try to clean it in the wrong way it can make the problem much worse.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Lists The Best Methods to Clean Wax Off Your Carpets

Start with Freezing the Wax Spill: When the wax has been spilled on the carpet it will still be in a liquid form. That is because most of the time the wax is being warmed as a way to send aroma through the house. If you ever have touched wet wax you know that it will soak into every crack and crease in your skin. The same thing will happen when you spill the wax on the carpet and if you start to touch it the wax will spread out. You need to let the wax sit and harden before you do anything. Then you can fill up a bag of ice and seal it so you can lay it on the wax. The wax will harden all the way and freeze so that you can use a knife to scrape it up. Be sure that you are careful so that you do not cause any damage to the carpet. This will prepare the spot to be cleaned all the way off.
Heat the Wax Spill on Carpet: It may seem odd to go from cold to heat but that is the best way to treat a wax spill on your carpet. You want to get out your clothes iron and let it heat up without any steam. You also need to have a brown paper sack ready which will be used to actually soak up the wax. You can lay the sack over the area and use the iron to make circles over the space. This will heat up the wax and cause it to release from the carpet and soak into the bag. You may need to repeat this step again if the wax has spread to a large area or it is dense.
Clean the Leftover Residue on Carpet: Now that you have worked to remove all the wax from the carpet you want to do a final cleaning. This is just to make sure that there is no left over build up on the carpet. You can mix water and dish washing soap in a spray bottle. Spritz the area and use a clean rag to dab at the space to pick up any leftover discoloration or staining.

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