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Professional Carpet Stain Removal in Brentwood, CA; Coffee, Blood, Ink Stains & More

Homeowners are often protective of their property and investments. When it comes to the carpets, every step is taken diligently to ensure their vibrancy and longevity is preserved. The moment something makes contact with the carpets and a stain is produced; we immediately consult the all-knowing internet to help us find the most effective method to removing the stain. Unfortunately, there are some stains that even vinegar can’t win, but the longer a stain sits, the more difficult it can be to remove as well. Considering that, we at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to account the stains that are more difficult to remove and requires a professional.

How to Get Rid of Old, Stubborn Carpet Stains

Coffee Stains: Among the stains that can be a challenge to remove, coffee stains are among the most obnoxious. Not only are these stains difficult to remove, but the pungency can be difficult to neutralize. When tending to the coffee stains at best, you can lighten it up to a yellowish-brown color, but the smell, especially if milk was added to the coffee can be offensive. To ensure the stain and odor is removed, professional services can guarantee effective results where consumer products fall short.
Blood Stains: Like the other assailants listed today, blood is among the hardest stains to remove without the possibility of inflicting damage. Hydrogen peroxide and other agents can effectively remove the stains at the price of permanently lightening the carpets. Blood seeps into the fibers and without the right composition of products, techniques, and expertise the carpets can be saved without ruining them in the process.
Marker & Ink Stains: When the ink pens or markers snap and it bleeds everywhere, the ink blots are not something that will entertain your psyche, but more or less these stains are more than nuisance and even fresh, are more than challenging to remove. Not to mention, if a small child got a hold of an ink pen or marker and turned your carpet into a canvass, restoring it back is near impossible. Professionals have extra strength detergents, equipment, and training to remove the toughest of the tough stains an can get the ink and mark blots off your carpet far more efficiently than any product you can conjure.
Pet Stains: Despite the love and appreciation you have for your pet, their accidents can be taxing. If you are able to attend to a fresh accident that is an isolated incident, with the right technique and product application you can have success at removing the unsightly stain as well as any attached odors. However, if the accidents frequently occur, and they have time to sit, the stains and odors reach deep into the fibers and into the carpet padding. Without the right extraction equipment and quality enzyme enriched cleaners, those stains and odors are near impossible to remove. Experts have the needed paraphernalia to effectively absolve the pet stains and neutralize the odors that are deep below the surface.
Red Wine & Juice Stains: Juice and wine are stains are another problem. The liquids often feature dye that can potently permanently stain the carpets. As they dry into the fibers, these stains become even more of a challenge at successful removing. With the specialists having the training, equipment and detergents, wine and fruit stains have a better chance at being removed.

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When you have any of these common stubborn stains, or others, call Steam Green Carpet Cleaning and let our experts clean an neutralize your carpets.

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