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Mattress Cleaning in Encino, CA; How to Deep Clean Urine & Other Stains from a Used Bed

If you are trying to keep your house clean you need a routine to ensure that you get to each area on a regular basis. Most people will clean the bathrooms, laundry, dust and vacuum as ways to keep the house running smooth and looking good. If you are trying to also increase the quality of the air in the house you need to address some of the areas that usually carry allergens. One of those areas happens to be your bedroom and in particular the mattress. The bed and mattress act like a sponge that will hold onto the allergens that you leave behind especially when you sleep. This can be hair, skin, saliva, dust and dirt. When you leave these on the mattress the debris will start to settle in and overtime will increase the weight of the mattress. You want to make sure that you are having your mattress cleaned on a regular basis as well as upkeep. These are things that you can do in between the cleaning to prevent the buildup from happening again.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Lists Tips for How to Clean a Mattress with Urine Stains

Wash & Change the Sheets: A mistake that people make when trying to keep their mattress clean is they make their bed everyday but never take the sheets off. You might think that you only sleep there and you take a shower before bed so why do you need to take off the sheets and wash them. The problem is the same when you wear a shirt of dry off with a towel. You wouldn’t just keep wearing the same thing again and again without washing it the same goes for the sheets. They are a way to prevent debris from landing on your mattress. You need to make sure that you take them off on a regular basis and replace them with a clean set. You can purchase a second set so you can launder the ones on the bed without having to wait up for the dryer. This is a great way to protect your mattress.
Use a Mattress Cover: When you purchase a new mattress you set it up in your room and put the sheets on. The sheets are a line of defense but there is a primary way to keep your mattress clean. You can go to the store and purchase a cover that can be placed over the mattress. This can be taken off and sent through the laundry with the sheets. It is a great way to keep allergens and other debris off the mattress as well.
Vacuum Mattress: The vacuum is not strictly for the carpet in your house. There are settings on the vacuum that allow you to use it on your tile, hardwood and stairs. You can use the hose of the vacuum to run it across the bed as well. It is a great way to remove the debris from the mattress that may have gotten through the sheets and cover.

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