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How to Keep Carpet Clean With Children Back at School in Los Angeles California

Back to school. For most parents it marks a glorious celebration. You are no longer in charge of keeping those adoring miniature copies of you entertained. The pressure is off and one can finally put their feet up and relax. Summer time brings summer activities for our little ones. But even with hot temperatures, children go outside. They play in the pool or sprinklers if a pool is not available. Parks are a common hang out and all that dirt, mud, and grime has found its way into your beautiful home. You realize now that you have your free time back and the house is yours again. You decide a good cleaning will mark the occasion. From top bottom you get your home sparkling clean. You just sit and stare at the marvelous beauty you see before your eyes. You even pampered yourself and called upon a skilled specialist from Steam Green Carpet Cleaning to get those carpets cleaned and sanitized from the summer mess. But wait! The kids eventually come home from school, and though you are filled with joy you remember what occurred over the summer to call upon the carpet warriors. Rest assured we can give you help and tips to keep those carpets looking spontaneous guest ready.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning has prepared the following carpet cleaning tips:

Shoe Organizers – We are going to start with shoes. Shoes are great expression of our personalities, and many of us love shoes to go with every outfit. The larger a family, the greater abundance of shoes we collect. Naturally walking through asphalt, playgrounds, classrooms, hallways, and even buses, those shoes are mustering up, in a word, filth. You don’t want that dirt, black grime, and muck all over your freshly cleaned carpets. Get a shoe organizer pronto. Wherever you choose to store their shoes, a shoe organizer is a great way to start keeping the germ infestation at bay. Sometimes even letting children personalize their shoes cubby can encourage them to take ownership and keep their shoes where they belong.
Door Mats and Rugs – Obvious to most and oblivious to some. Your kids will be getting into a new routine with back to school, and getting a door mat or even a new one if the older one is looking like it has seen better days, is a good way to set a new rule of wiping as much crud off as possible before entering your home. Having an area rug where they first enter is also a good idea as it can help compile that last bit of dirt off as they walk through.
Carpet Cleaning Chores – Light chores for young and old are a wonderful habit and tool into helping keeping the home clean, teaching reasonability and gives kids pride in their home. Rewarding kids after chores are done can keep them motivated too. Vacuuming regularly keeps carpets fresh, especially if you have a furry friend living with you. By keeping pet hair and dander up you’re not only keeping carpets sparkling, but helping out anyone with allergies.

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With kids heading back to school, now is a good opportunity to create new rules and a daily routine. Wipe feet before coming in; get the light chores done, and anything else that you would like to instill. Even if it takes our wonderful offspring a few weeks to get it right Steam Green Carpet Cleaning has a full list of services to brighten up your home and getting the deep cleaning done. Contact us today!

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