When you have a loved one that is oh so fun to prank, that carpet that builds up static can be a fun weapon to lightly shock your unsuspecting victim and it works in a pinch when you don’t have the time for something more elaborate. But sometimes that static buildup can backfire and become a real nuisance.

How is Static Electricity Created?

Static electricity is the product of unequal positive and negative charge between two objects. While static electricity may seem unavoidable and a part of daily life, especially during the dry winter months, there are some simple ways of eliminating static electricity buildup. Once you understand how static electricity is created and transferred, the steps you can take to reduce the initial static electricity, is a lot easier to control, which reduces the electric shocks every time you touch something.

How to Get Rid of Static Electricity Shock

1. Humidifiers. When the air is particularly dry, the static electricity is increasingly active. During the winter months, most folks heat their homes to keep warm, which reduces the humidity in the air. If you increase the humidity in your home or business, the moisture in the air will contribute to reduce static charge from building up. Adorning your home with living plants will naturally add humidity to the air. If you are in a bind, you can create a DIY humidifier by boiling water on your stove. For a bonus; add cinnamon or citrus rinds to create pleasant fragrances in your home.
2. Treat your skin. Your dry skin contributes to the static shock when walking across your carpet. Keeping your skin well moisturized will contribute to cutting down the static shock that accumulates from your carpets. Generously rub some lotion into your skin following a shower, and be sure to re-lube throughout the day as often as needed.
3. Treat your clothes. For a basic load of laundry, add ¼ cup of baking soda at the beginning of your wash cycle. In an effort to control the static shock, the baking soda will create a barrier between the positive and negative charges from accumulating and creating the static. As a bonus the baking soda will soften the water as well as the fabric. If your laundry load varies, the amount of baking soda will differ. Larger loads, increase the baking soda to ½ cups, small loads will do well with 1 or 2 TBS of baking soda.
4. Treating upholstery. Your upholstery can be treated with the use of a dryer sheet. Dryer sheets can reduce the static buildup on the surfaces by neutralizing the electric charge. Simply rub a dryer sheet on the surfaces of your upholstery.
5. Anti-Static Carpet Treatment. Carpets are the prime suspect when getting electrocuted by static buildup. In an effort to help treat rugs and carpets, many carpet retailers will offer spray-on treatments. Some carpets now these days can be custom made with an anti-static component. With your anti-static spray, lightly mist the surface of your carpets and rugs. Be sure the carpet and rugs are completely dry before you start traversing on top of them. These sprays significantly decrease the amount of static electricity building up on your carpet.

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