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How to Detect, Clean & Remove Dog & Pet Urine Stains & Odors on Carpet in El Rio, CA

The picture of a perfect house always is depicted with a pet! They are a great addition to a house and a family. They are a loyal companion that has shown that families are happier and people live longer when they have pets. The pet that is found in most homes happens to be a dog. There isn’t much that is cuter than an adorable puppy and you just can’t say no. It is fun to have a new puppy in your house but they also are a lot of work. They need to get taken on walks, given food and water and their health cared for as well. That is only part of the needs of a pet because they also need to be trained to do what is right and follow a few rules of the house. The main one happens to be that they cannot use the bathroom in the home but need to find their way outside. This can be a difficult road for some dogs that are not fast at learning. Others may take to the rules quite fast while others can have accidents in your home their entire life. That is why you need to know what to do about pet accidents and urine that is on your carpet.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning Outlines How to Map Out Pet Urine & Remove Stains & Odors

How to Map Out Cat & Dog Urine: One of the problems that many homeowners are stuck with is that their pet has an accident and they are unaware. They might not even realize that the dog has peed in the house or that they are using the same area over and over. The urine can soak in the carpet and dry before you even know it has occurred. The first sign that some people have that there is pet urine in the house is from the odor. At that point you need a plan on how to find the problem areas. You can use a black light to map out the areas that need to be treated. The black light will illuminate the spots that have urine on them so that you can set out some guides on where to focus. You want to use the light as a starting point but also use other senses to ensure they are urine stains. There are other substances that will glow under the black light that include laundry detergent and glue to name a few. You can use the smell test to confirm that it is in fact pet urine.
Treat Carpet for Discoloration from Urine Stains: One of the parts of the urine that you need to address is the staining that can be left on the carpet. You need to treat the discoloration so that you have color that is even throughout the whole room. The color that is left from the pet urine can be treated with warm water and dish soap. The solution can be used on a clean rag and dabbed at the spot until the color has been removed.
Neutralize Dog Urine Odors: The other aspect and likely the worst aspect of pet accidents is the odor that is left behind. The odor is from the ammonia that is in the urine and left to soak into the carpet, padding and backing. You want to use some kind of neutralizing solution to soak up the odor and treat the bad smell.

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