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How Much Dirt, Dirt Skin, Dust Mites & Other Allergens Are in Your Mattress? Need for Mattress Cleaning in Calabasas, CA

Many think cleaning your mattress is not essential or that they can be cleaned by the owner just every so often. Where yes, you should regularly clean your mattresses you should also have mattresses professionally cleaned one to every three years. Even when a mattress looks clean you might be surprised to learn exactly how dirty it really is. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning will share why you should have your mattresses professionally cleaned and how to properly perform regular cleaning of your mattress in-between those professional deep cleanings.

How Much Dirt, Dirt Skin, Dust Mites & Other Contaminants Are in Your Mattress?

Your mattress is filled with dirt that falls into the mattress and it isn’t just dirt that falls into the mattress fibers either. There is also the skin that you are constantly shedding. Even though the surface may look clean and even new, the inside of the mattress is not. Most people say they are not bothered too much by this knowledge, because it is not like they are sleeping directly on top of it. Keep in mind, where there is dirt and sloughed off human skin, there will be dust mites who want to feast on it. Even those with a dust mite proof cover still will have some dust mites in their bed. However, dust mites are a fact of life and they do help the environment by eating the skin you shed. They themselves are not the problem. In fact, up to a point they are useful. However they too shed their skin. They poop on your mattress as well, which is not only gross, it also causes allergies. Those with asthma or respiratory problems will suffer from the presence of dust mites. You will never completely be able to remove dust mites in your home or bed. They are everywhere. Even so, you will want to control their population. This is where having your carpets, upholstery and yes, your mattress professionally cleaned is a benefit. If sleeping with bugs isn’t bad enough, let talk about human sweat, the accidental urine from our little ones and other stains caused by human secretions. This isn’t just dirty and a health hazard that can cause skin disease, but it is also the cause of smelly mattresses.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Company to Steam Clean Your Mattresses

Cleaning your mattress is important in so many ways. The many benefits of having a professional mattress cleaning is that they come with all of the cleaning solutions and equipment to deeply clean your mattress. Commercial vacuums and even steam cleaners don’t have the power to penetrate deep into the mattress; however they still work for personal mattress cleaning. It is encouraged that you clean your mattress once a month to help maintain a cleaner mattress until it is time for a professional deep cleaning. When you perform your monthly cleaning you should always wash your bedding and vacuum both side of your mattress. Attend to stains as they occur and baking soda can be used to remove odors. Just sprinkle the baking soda on the mattress and let it set for 15 minutes and vacuum it up.

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Cleaning your mattress is important, especially when you consider we spend a third of our lives sleeping. Having your mattress professionally cleaned provides a healthier sleep environment as well as a more restful one as some have claimed. If it is time for your mattresses to be cleaned, contact Steam Green Carpet Cleaning today.

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