No matter if you have hardwood floors or engineered wood floors, they require maintenance. As time marches on, so will the degree of care needed. Throughout the lifespan of your hardwood floors, daily maintenance and once a week maintenance is important to avoid premature refinishing. But knowing the right care to give your hardwood floors can be elusive to many homeowners.

Steam Green Carpet Cleaning would like to relate some maintenance tips on the wood flooring that might be in your home.

Solid Hardwood Floors are just that. Built thicker and more durable, hardwood floors can be unfinished or factory finished. Factory finishes minimizes the install work as it comes pre-sanded and finished. Whereas the unfinished wood requires you to sand and finish after installation, though this option gives you more ground for custom designs, after it is installed, you have to wait until the hardwood is sanded, finished and fully dried before you can begin walking on it. Solid hardwood flooring is a bit more pricey, but is made more durable, and gives you more wiggle room for major maintenance and repairs if the floor is neglected or suffers damage.

Regular Maintenance Tips for Solid Hardwood Flooring

– Sweep with a soft bristled broom, a dust mop, or a vacuum that features a “bare floor” or “hardwood floor” setting. This should be done daily to keep the dust and dirt from scuffing the floors as you are walking. With the dirt on the floor, and the walking motion, especially if shoes are worn, acts as sand paper of sorts. Keeping the dirt and grit off the floor daily can minimize the effects.
– Sun rays can fade the wood finish, be sure to use protective window covers to avoid the fading.
– As the wood ages, regular traffic pattern are traversed, and sunlight manages to shine through, it is recommended you rearrange the furniture every so often to even it out.
– Area rugs and runners are ideal for entry points and areas where there is a lot of foot traffic.
Tips to prevent abuse and damage:
– Keep your pet’s nails trimmed and their paws cleaned. Their nails can easily scratch the floor, and just like us, they can track in dirt and mud.
– Humidity levels should be kept between 35% and 55% to avoid shrinkage; humidifiers can help keep a balance.
– Use a white, clean, and dry cloth, wipe up spills immediately.
– Avoid walking on the wood floors with abrasive shoes, high heel shoes, and spike shoes.
– Avoid using water or liquids to mop the floors, use it sparingly and only when needed, immediately dry.
– Only use cleaning aids that are specifically formulated for your floor.
– Do not use abrasive cleaning tools, i.e.: scouring pads, steel wool pads, or anything containing metal.

Regular Maintenance Tips for Engineered Hardwood Floors

Engineered Wood Floors are very similar to hardwood, but are made with wood particles with wood sheet covering the tops with wood. It is much thinner therefore you can only do refinish service maintenance once before it will need to be replaced, but all the same maintenance and what to avoid are the same.

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